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Holiday Spirit

I feel like I haven't taken a breath since NaNo started, so I was rather startled to realize that yes, it really is christmas eve tomorrow.

I didn't even do advent fics this year, which is a bit sad, so this year I've had to find some holiday spirit in some odd places.

1. Holiday Mac vs PC ads from various years: Goodwill, Gift Exchange, and a Mac vs PC Christmas.

As a special bonus, have the Japanese Mac vs PC ad New Year's Cards (it's subbed).

2. Celebration, which is the random Christmas song on the last w-inds. album. I forgot this existed until I changed cds in my car at random two days ago, and this song came on. ♥ w-inds.

3. The Hi!Hey!Say! Christmas Medley live, which contains, of course, FIRE BEAT. I have no idea what that has to do with christmas, but that plus ABC's Crush (does anyone have an audio rip of that?) certainly has made me feel festive.
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