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When I Stroll Into The Wild Wild West

This is the most hilarious commercial ever. OH KOREA. you are genius.

There's tons of new and awesome fic over at the DBSK exchange, and for once it's not anon! So I can actually tell people what I think of them. not that, um, i don't do that anyhow.

Jemz continues to harass me about the tegomassu fail. That'll teach me to stray from the juniors. Speaking of those, I watched the very first Shounen Club ever last night, and it was BIZARRE.


Arashi! This is just when Sunrise Nippon is coming out. Ohno is a space cadet! Aiba is in shorts! and the best part is that Nino looks exactly the same.

Iso helped me establish that this is Jimmy Mackey, Hasejun, Yoko, and Yamapi (I might have Mackey and Yoko's order mixed up, i can't remember which one is which). This set is like a demented version of the Mickey Mouse club or something.

JIN! He's so cute, especially in chibi form.

I'm completely boggled by Ueda looking like a normal Japanese kid. he's in the game here, which is, near as i can tell, a staring contest. Oh, Shokura, how far we've come.

Toma! with a GIANT DOMO-KUN. That's just some ridiculous love right there.

I want to also say that the opening song was Will Smith's Wild Wild West. in what universe is that acceptable?

I thought Tackey & Tsubasa used to host SC? I watched a 2003 episode as well, which said Tackey was producing it, but 4TOPS was still hosting. At what point did T&T host?
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