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These Deductions Are Not Fun Like On Guitar Hero

well, my windshield needs replaced. THAT'S FANTASTIC. I'm not sure what my deductible is, the insurance hasn't called me back yet, but suffice to say that when i got the mail and saw the last couple comcast rebates had arrived, I considered myself to be breaking even.


Yuletide needs to get reposted on to LJ, but the website is updated (excluding holiday fest reveals), and I started a fic list, you'll have noted because it's really hard to point people to newer stuff given my hatred of tags. Waaaaay back i used to memory things, but I have to look and see when the last time I even did that was.

My new year's resolution is to not ever go a month without updating the website like that ever again. YIKES.

Hair cut tomorrow! *tries to find something to be excited about*
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