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Putting the Porn in OTP

Jemz asked me to cap the really hot shoxhikaru kiss from Luxe IV, and I ended up capping a bunch of stuff because HI THERE CUTE AND SWEET AND HOT. ShoxHikaru OTP~

ETA: Now with BONUS SHO DORKERY at the end from FRIENDS.

Notice how it says 'off-shot.' notice how the dork love does not even dim. I enjoy nagi's affectionate tolerance of their total girliness.

oh god, the dorkery. GAH.

this whole scene made me go alsdkgjldgja with hot and sweet. i don't deny that i loves me the porn, but i would watch fully clothed sho and hikaru kiss all day long.



the touching! that is what gets me, that they actually enjoy each other.

and they keep laughing at each other!

and still laughing. also, Hikaru's underwear is RIDICULOUS.

bubble bath. DORKS. this is after they spend a minute throwing handfuls of bubbles at each other.

there's wrestling right before this that fills me with glee, but then more random touching. sometimes they look like they've kind of forgotten they are filming porn.

And then Sho starts whispering Hikaru's name in his ear which, along with the "hai~" he gets in response, turns me into GOO. GAH, THE CUTE. IT BURNS.

Still grinning at each other like morons. I'm not sure exactly what sho says, but hikaru laughs and then sho adds "Ii, yo" so i'm sure i'd die of cute if i actually knew.

this is the off-shot kiss. It's very quick and casual, as Hikaru is on the way by.

and then he starts to smirk knowingly, which is also fantastic...

cause Sho is totally befuddled. I love his "Buh?" expression, and the fact that he says something like "what the hell was that? really, what?" and Hikaru just wanders off snickering.

and then sho goes right back to his hair. he does that same tiny piece like five times, it always makes me giggle when he is diddling with his hair.

so gay for each other. so cute. (what the hell is with the bars in this scene?) HIKARUXSHO ILU.

ETA: bonus picture of Sho dorkery while Hikaru and Kai LOLZ at him:
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