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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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Things I Need To Do Today

*Stop gushing over the 2008.01 Potato (SHOONREON. HEYSAY. ASDKGJASDKFJALK.) FOR NOW but i'll probably be back.

*Stop feeling like utter crap. omg why must you be sick during long weekend, body.


*clean animals. half done! guinea pig done.

*put away laundry.

*go to Wal-mart, and then Staples if that doesn't pan out the whole way.

*Write the rest of the Kisumai orgy.

*Make it to the actual drills of section 6 in my Yale drill book. SO MUCH VOCAB. unnecessary.

*have lunch with parents

*break zipper off favorite hoodie

*being translating the cutest shoon/reon interview EVER. q2: What's the reason you feel "YOKATTA" about Reon being your brother? dlgkjlgdjalag. *changes icon*
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