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My Complete Tooldom について教えて

I'm heading over to the Wegman's for writing and sushi shortly, but I just want to say (at the expense of sounding like an utter tool) that after spending ~2 hours working on the Shoon/Reon article, I'm starting to really feel some progress in my reading lately.

You know, probably i shouldn't be excited that it took me two hours to figure out the title, the opening 4-line blurb, and the four questions (thank god they repeat), but on the other hand, at least I'm picking up something when I skim through a block of text. That's for sure progress!

ガンバリマス、ミンア! (also i discovered by accident that capping the hiragana turns it into katakana, so i don't have to keep switching back and forth. REVELATION.)

I need a 「日本語をしている。。。ほとんど」icon.
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