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Title: Paying the Piper [Nikaido/Kis-My-Ft2]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for full-band abuse of insolent kouhai.
Summary: Nikaido gets what's coming to him after he works his way through NewS.
AN: A sequel of sorts to snowqueenofhoth's series where Nikaido works his way through NewS one senpai at a time (here, here, here, here, and here), because I promised her the orgy if she made it through everybody. PS - if you thought writing six people is hard you should try SEVEN. MURI DA.

Paying the Piper

Kitayama Hiromitsu strolled into the Kis-My-Ft2 dressing room, humming to himself and anticipating an excellent nap before he was due on the Shounen Club set.

He was not anticipating finding Senga there before him, already occupying the couch and looking thoroughly miserable.

"Ken-chan?" Kitayama leaned down to get a better look at Senga's face, startling him.

"Eep!" Senga jerked back, but Kitayama didn't miss the way that Senga swiped the heel of his hand quickly over the corner of his eye. "Hiro, you scared me!"

"Sorry." Kitayama sat down next to Senga on the couch, then took a hold of Senga's chin between his thumb and forefinger to turn his face up for examination. "Now tell Hiromii-niisan what's wrong."

"Nothing," Senga said, then reconsidered when Kitayama's grip tightened. "It's Nika-chan."

"Nikaido?" Kitayama let go of Senga and glanced around. "Where is he, anyway? I haven't seen much of him in the last few days."

"Me neither." Senga's shoulders slumped. "He was acting weird at practice the other day, watching NewS. I asked him about it, but…" Senga trailed off, and when he picked back up again, his voice was even more depressed. "And just now, in the hallway, Yamashita-kun and Tegoshi-kun were talking. I didn't mean to listen in, Hiro! But they said Nika's name, and I stopped and pretended to tie my shoe."

"What did they have to say?" Kitayama asked, leaning closer.

Senga frowned harder. "First Tegoshi said 'you too?' and then Yamashita laughed and said that he really was the last one after all, and that Shige and Ryo weren't ever going to let him live it down…ne, Hiro…you don't think Nika…" Senga heaved a sigh. "It's nothing."

"Hmm," said Kitayama, eyes narrowing, and then he tugged out his cell phone to do a bit of reconnaissance.


Nikaido stumbled into the dressing room, yawning and wondering if maybe all these antics with the senpai were starting to take their toll at last. The others were scattered around the dressing room, changing and warming up and shoving each other around a bit, but Nikaido ignored them, making a beeline for the mercifully vacant couch.

He collapsed on it, sighing with relief as his back re-aligned with the couch (damn that Tegoshi), and let his eyes slip shut, hoping for a quick nap before Kitayama returned and Nikaido had to battle him for Leader's napping spot.

It seemed like only a split-second later when someone cleared their throat, and Nikaido reluctantly peeled his eyes back open to find the Leader-san in question staring down at him with arms crossed.

"You know, Nika-chan," Kitayama began, voice casual. "I've just had an interesting conversation with Yamashita-kun."

"Oh?" Nikaido asked, getting a sinking feeling.

"And Shigeaki-kun." Kitayama's eyes narrowed. "And Masuda-kun. And Ryo-kun. See where I'm going with this?"

"Um…" Nikaido swallowed as he noticed that the others were standing around Kitayama wearing similar expressions. All except for Yokoo…and then Nikaido felt strong hands pin his shoulders to the couch and turned his head to find the seventh member of Kis-My-Ft2 looming over him. "I can explain. It wasn't. Um. I was. I just didn't…"

"Think?" Kitayama cut in sharply. "Didn't think about whether or not it was a good idea to work your way through the senpai? Didn't think about what that would make you look like? Didn't think that maybe we'd find out?"

"I think," Fujigaya put a restraining hand on Kitayama's shoulder and continued more gently, "what Hiro means is, didn't you think about how we'd feel?"

Fujigaya turned to look to his right, and Nikaido followed his gaze to find Senga staring at his shoes, hands shoved deep in his pockets.

Shit, thought Nikaido.

"Ne, Nika," Senga said in a low voice, still staring at the floor. "Aren't we enough for you?"

Shit, thought Nikaido, trying to sit up, but getting shoved back down by Yokoo. "Ken-chan, I didn't mean…" But then he stopped, because he had meant it, each and every time.

And from the look on everyone's face, Nikaido squirmed as he realized, they all knew it too.

"Sorry," he said lamely.

"Not as sorry as you're going to be," Kitayama said cheerfully, and then all the air was driven out of Nikaido's lungs as Kitayama dropped heavily to sit on Nikaido's chest.

"Wh-what," Nikaido wheezed, "do you…"

"Don't worry, Nika-chan," Kitayama smiled, showing all his teeth. "After we're through you won't really be in any shape to go hunting after any other band's members."

"I…" Nikaido's protest was cut off by Kitayama's lips. He tried to protest, eyes still wide-open, but it was half-hearted at best since Kitayama was staring right back, gaze sharp, and then Kitayama swiped his tongue over Nikaido's lower lip, and Nikaido let his eyes flutter shut.

Might as well go with the flow, right? Especially when the flow involved Kitayama's hands joining Yokoo's on his shoulders, hauling him up, and another warm body sliding in behind him, chest pressed against his back.

The third person turned out to be Fujigaya, when Kitayama pulled away and a hand in Nikaido's hair turned his head towards the other junior. Nikaido opened his eyes just long enough to see how dark Fujigaya's eyes were before Fujigaya's mouth was on his, and he sighed his approval, trying to twist around to get a better grip on Fujigaya.

"Ah ah," Kitayama breathed in Nikaido's ear, tugging him away from Fujigaya and waiting until Nikaido was looking at him before giving him the same sharp smile. "You've been in charge far too often lately."

"Not good for you," Yokoo said on the other side, giving Nikaido's earring a little tug with his teeth. "Kouhai ought to know their place."

Nikaido struggled to open his eyes as two pairs of hands slid under the hem of his shirt and another pair worked in his hair, glancing over Kitayama's shoulder to find Miyata and Tamamori standing next to each other, Tamamori's head leaning against Miyata's shoulder, Miyata's arm slung around Tamamori's waist and fingers stroking idly at the inch of skin Tamamori's T-shirt was baring. They both looked content to watch for the moment, and the thought plus the open interest on their faces made heat ripple up Nikaido's spine, made him arch into Kitayama and Yokoo's hands.

It was Senga, though, standing beside them, that caught Nikaido's attention. Senga's cheeks were flushed pink, and he was shifting from foot to foot, eyes off to the side. Every few seconds, though, Senga's eyes would dart to Nikaido, to the roam of Kitayama's hands under Nikaido's shirt and Fujigaya's towards Nikaido's belt.

When Nikaido caught Senga's eyes, full of heat and confusion, a moan caught in Nikaido's throat and Senga jerked his gaze away, blush creeping down his neck.

"So it's mutual after all, hmm?" Kitayama's smirk was pressed against the side of Nikaido's neck, and Nikaido tried to push Kitayama back, to struggle. Kitayama just laughed, pinching one of Nikaido's nipples and making him squeak. "Don't worry, Ken-chan will get a turn too."

Nikaido didn't get a chance to reply before Yokoo was leaning over the back of the couch for his own kiss, unhurried and firm enough to push Nikaido back against Kitayama, which was when Fujigaya got serious about Nikaido's belt. He barely had a glimpse of Fujigaya's knowing smirk when Kitayama shouldered Yokoo back to steal Nikaido's mouth back.

Before Nikaido knew exactly what was happening, he was half-undressed, pants gone and shirt unbuttoned and hanging around his elbows, and Kitayama was looming over Nikaido.

"But you didn't answer Ken-chan's question," Kitayama said, and Nikaido struggled to clear his head of its daze to figure out what Kitayama was talking about. "Aren't we enough for you?"

Nikaido swallowed, clawing his way up through the lust and the fact that Fujigaya was nibbling the curve of his neck to hear the serious question underneath Kitayama's taunting. He licked his lips, skin prickling under the weight of everyone's eyes.

"You could be," he finally answered, putting as much innocence into his tone as somebody who was practically naked in the middle of six bandmates could manage. He glanced to the side and caught Senga's gaze, shivering at how wide his eyes were. "Try and find out?"

"We can do that," Fujigaya said, voice low against Nikaido's neck and making his skin prickle. Nikaido couldn't see his face, but he had a perfect view of the conspiratorial grin Kitayama shot Fujigaya. He tilted his head up for a kiss when Kitayama leaned in, then his jaw dropped when Kitayama dodged to the side and kissed Fujigaya instead, Fujigaya cuddling closer against Nikaido's back.

Nikaido tried to slip free, whining when Kitayama's arm tightened around his waist and body heating as the soft, wet sounds of the kiss brushed over his ear, Fujigaya giving low, pleased murmurs.

"It's not always about you, Nika-chan," Miyata laughed from the side as Nikaido kept on struggling, and when he gave up shoving at Kitayama's chest to give Miyata a pout, he found Miyata laughing as he slipped out of Tamamori's grasp and came towards the couch.

When Miyata got close enough, he wrapped arms around Nikaido's neck, ignoring the grumble from Kitayama, and used the grip as leverage to balance on the edge of the couch, knees digging into the cushions where they slanted down to cradle Nikaido's ass.

"Of course it is," Nikaido answered with a frown, and Miyata laughed again, then pressed his laugh against Nikaido's mouth, silencing Nikaido's protest with a flick of his tongue and the curl of his hands in Nikaido's hair. Nikaido balked at first, trying to draw back, but there was nowhere for him to go, the couch already overloaded with Kis-My-Ft2 members. Miyata coaxed him by rubbing his thumbs along the hinge of Nikaido's jaw and nibbling on his lower lip.

Finally Nikaido gave in with a sigh and pressed forward into Miyata's arms, which unfortunately upset Miyata's precarious balance and nearly sent them tumbling off the couch. Only Kitayama's grip kept them on the couch, Nikaido yelping as Kitayama and Miyata yanked him in two different directions.

"Hey, watch it!" he complained. "We have photoshoots!"

"Don't worry, Nika-chan," Yokoo purred, helping Kitayama tug both of them into a less dangerous position. "We'll leave most of the marks where nobody but us will see them."

"We will?" Fujigaya asked, skimming fingers low on Nikaido's stomach.

"Most of?" Nikaido demanded, then gasped as all three of the bandmates pressed against him laughed, movement sliding their bodies against Nikaido's. "I bet that would have felt a lot better if you were wearing as few clothes as me."

"He still thinks he's in charge," Fujigaya said, amusement plain in his voice and breath warm against Nikaido's neck. His hand drifted even lower, brushing the base of Nikaido's cock and making him arch.

"Cute~," Kitayama answered, giving Nikaido a grin that sent a shiver up his spine. Kitayama turned to tilt his chin at Tamamori and Senga, still watching from several steps away, Senga having taken Miyata's place in the curve of Tamamori's arm. "Get over here, you two, and help remind him who's Leader."

Kitayama pressed Nikaido back against Fujigaya for another possessive kiss, but it didn't last long. Nikaido was just getting into it when Kitayama pulled back to begin stripping off his clothes, passing Nikaido back to Yokoo.

Nikaido was passed from member to member in turn, Yokoo giving him up to Miyata, and Miyata sliding off the couch to let Fujigaya turn Nikaido around for a proper kiss, Fujigaya shoving Nikaido over to Tamamori. Along the way Nikaido lost his shirt, was tugged off the couch, and somehow ended up on the floor in a tangle with the rest of his band, carpet burn a concern that was quickly driven from his mind by Miyata's mouth on his collarbone and Fujigaya's hand still curled around his cock.

"Wait, wait," he gasped, but no one paid him any attention as Kitayama reclaimed his mouth, working hands into Nikaido's hair and casually forcing his head into a more preferable position.

Other hands brushed over Nikaido's chest, someone curled along Nikaido's back, a mouth joined Fujigaya's hand on Nikaido's cock. Nikaido struggled to open his eyes, to at least see who was touching him where, but could only manage to catch quick glimpses. Instead he had to depend on fleeting sensations, a snatch of Tamamori's laughter down by his hip, and the scent of Yokoo's favorite mint gum over his shoulder.

It was too much, too many hands in too many places, but Nikaido couldn't seem to draw a breath deep enough to ask them to stop, or make any of his limbs work enough to push them away. Just as panic began to well up in Nikaido's throat, fingers slid across Nikaido's cheek, different from the others, hesitant and gentle.

Nikaido opened his eyes to find Senga leaning over him, shirt open but jeans still on. Senga was biting his lower lip and his cheeks were pink, but he met Nikaido's gaze without looking away.

"Is it okay?" he asked, and Nikaido's breath hitched at how Senga's eyes were dark with want and concern. He shook off whoever was pressed against his side to grab Senga around the waist and yank him down, swallowing Senga's yelp of surprise with a fierce kiss.

Distantly, Nikaido heard Fujigaya comment that only Senga would ask such an innocent question during an orgy, but he ignored it in favor of concentrating on how Senga was melting against him, how Senga's kiss was enthusiastic and unpracticed, how Senga's hands were curling against his collarbones.

"Okay, okay," Miyata said, hauling Senga back from Nikaido by the collar. "That's not how orgies work, you two. You're supposed to share!"

"You've been manhandling Tamamori the entire time," Yokoo pointed out, and Nikaido almost burst out laughing at how Senga looked so confused and disgruntled as he looked from Nikaido to Miyata to Tamamori, then settled on pouting, which Nikaido approved of thoroughly since Senga's lower lip had already started to puff up.

Miyata stuck his tongue out at Yokoo and went right on doing something to Tamamori that Nikaido couldn't crane his neck far enough to see. Tamamori moaned weakly.

"Ne, Ken-chan," Kitayama called from somewhere around Nikaido's waist, and Nikaido lifted his head to see Kitayama smirking and holding up a bottle that looked vary familiar and very stolen from Nikaido's bag. "Want to learn something interesting?"

Senga only paused a second, looking uncertain about whether he wanted to give up his pout just yet, before flashing Nikaido a grin that made goosebumps ripple up Nikaido's arms and sliding down to sit next to Kitayama.

"That's not really necessary," Nikaido growled when Yokoo volunteered to hold him by the shoulders so he wouldn't give somebody a concussion. Except it totally was, but only because of the perfect, surprised "O" Senga's mouth made when Kitayama helped him push his fingers into Nikaido for the first time. Or maybe it was the shiver that Senga gave when he crooked his fingers and Nikaido gave a choked moan, or the smirk Senga gave him right after, the one that said he knew exactly who had made Nikaido make a noise like that.

But to Nikaido's surprise, when Fujigaya leaned in to steal a quick kiss from Senga and ask if he wanted to go first, Senga shook his head, the pink creeping back into his cheeks. Fujigaya, Miyata, and Yokoo all laughed, calling "Virgin!" and poking Senga, but Senga just shook his head again, laughing along with them, then kissed Kitayama's cheek as he pulled his fingers out Nikaido and wiped his hand off on Kitayama's chest.

"Brat!" Kitayama exclaimed, making a grab at Senga that missed by a mile, and Senga scooted away to flop against Nikaido's side, giggling as he wrapped arms around Nikaido's neck and tilting his head up for a kiss from Yokoo.

"Hurry up," Nikaido pled, pushing down against Kitayama's hands.

"So pushy!" Kitayama clicked his tongue as he rolled on a condom—also stolen from Nikaido's bag, and Nikaido was going to get him for this—and poured more lube into the palm of his hand. "Haven't you learned anything yet? I'm not in a rush really."

Staying well away from the push of Nikaido's hips, Kitayama leaned over and flicked his tongue against the head of Nikaido's cock, making him whine through gritted teeth and struggle against Senga and Yokoo.

"Leader!" he tried again, trying to look small and unthreatening. It had worked on Ryo after all. "Please?"

"Nobody believes that face of yours," Fujigaya remarked casually, licking his thumb and then brushing it over Nikaido's nipple. "Try again~, Nika-chan."

Kitayama had moved on to sucking just the tip of Nikaido's cock, not near enough pressure to do anything but drive Nikaido crazy. Nikaido tried to clear his head enough to figure out what Kitayama wanted from him. He had tried dominant and submissive, and he was pretty sure that was all the letters there were!

"Ne," Senga blew in Nikaido's ear, making him twitch, then laughed sweetly. "Just be normal, Nika-chan! We're not some other band, you don't have to trick us. It's weird when you act like somebody else. I don't like it!"

Nikaido blinked, then looked down at Kitayama, who had rocked back onto his knees and was waiting for Nikaido's response, patient and unhurried as he stroked lube onto his cock. Nikaido looked back up at Senga, a grin breaking out onto his features, then kissed Senga senseless in thanks, leaving him looking dazed when he pulled away and hitched himself up on his elbows to look Kitayama in the eye.

"Oi, Kita-mitsu," Nikaido wrapped a leg around the back of Kitayama's thigh and tugged him forward, "I want you."

"That so?" Kitayama replied, looking satisfied as he lined himself up and pushed into Nikaido all in one go, making him gasp and arch his back. "That's all you had to say, moron."

As Kitayama set a merciless rhythm, Nikaido reached for his cock, only to have it slapped away by Fujigaya, who then took Kitayama's place teasing Nikaido, sucking just hard enough on his tip that Nikaido couldn't catch his breath for anything more than a stream of embarrassing, pleading noises.

Kitayama, on the other hand, wasn't holding back at all, and it only took him a few minutes to come, fingers digging into Nikaido's thighs and hips rolling languidly as he finished. No surprise to anyone, as soon as he'd stripped the condom off and leaned down for a warm, lazy kiss from Nikaido, Kitayama stood up and rolled onto the couch, stretching out on his stomach where he could keep an eye on the action as he dozed.

Also no surprise, Fujigaya took Kitayama's place without waiting for permission or affirmation. He gave Nikaido a sharp grin before grabbing Nikaido's hips and flipping him over onto his knees. Yokoo let go of Nikaido with a chuckle and a wink before rolling over to join Miyata and Tamamori.

Senga tried to move out of the way, but Nikaido seized hold of him and pushed him up just far enough that when he bent his head, he could nibble the warm skin of Senga's stomach, making Senga shiver. He paused as Fujigaya slid in, squeezing his eyes shut and hissing, then dropped his head even further down to nuzzled the bulge in Senga's jeans.

"Your jeans," he panted, pausing every time Fujigaya thrust for lack of air, "take them off."

Eyes wide, Senga nodded, then reached down and undid his zipper. He pushed his jeans and boxers out of the way, and even though he had to have known what Nikaido had in mind, he still shrieked in surprise when Nikaido slid his mouth over Senga's head and lapped at the notch on the underside.

Digging his fingers into Senga's hips just as hard as Fujigaya's fingers were dug into his own, Nikaido had no hope of a neat rhythm, but Senga didn't seem to mind as he let Fujigaya's thrusts push his mouth down Senga's cock. Senga's fingers found their way into Nikaido's hair and wrapped tight in the strands, yanking in a way that made Nikaido groan and shove back against Fujigaya.

"That's ridiculously hot," Tamamori said, voice hoarse, and Nikaido opened his eyes and turned his head just far enough to see Miyata watching over Tamamori's shoulder, thrusting into Tamamori from behind, both of them lying on their sides. Yokoo was watching as well, thrusting his cock into Tamamori's hand in rhythm with the slide of Nikaido's mouth.

"Everybody talks too much!" Fujigaya snapped, obviously close from the way his grip on Nikaido's hips was tightening, and then his hand was on Nikaido's cock suddenly, jacking him roughly, and Nikaido had to pull his mouth away from Senga or risk biting him.

"Touch yourself," he gasped at Senga, trying to hold onto the shreds of his control long enough to send Senga over the edge as well, since it didn't look like it was going to be a long trip.

He focused on working just the tip of Senga's cock while Senga wrapped his hand around his shaft, and it was barely a minute later when Senga shuddered and pulled away from Nikaido's mouth.

Nikaido let him go, wanting to see Senga's face anyway as he groaned and spilled over his stomach, cheeks flushed red and eyes squeezed shut, and Nikaido fixed that sight in his mind and closed his eyes, concentrating on only that as he thrust hard and fast into Fujigaya's fist and went over the edge himself.

When he could breathe again, Nikaido opened his eyes just enough to establish that his cheek was pillowed against Senga's chest. Above him, there was a rhythmic rustling and an occasional moan which told him that Fujigaya had crawled onto the couch with Kitayama, and somewhere behind him Tamamori was making a noise that Nikaido would definitely have to ask Miyata about later.

But for now he was comfortable where he was, Nikaido thought, giving a yawn and snuggling in closer to Senga.

"Hey." Someone poked his cheek, and Nikaido growled and opened his eyes again to find Senga pouting at him. "Why didn't you just tell me you liked me!"

Nikaido dropped his eyes and shrugged, lifting a hand to skate random circles over Senga's stomach. "I was waiting for you to figure it out."

"The senpai were talking about you," Senga said, voice quieter, and Nikaido looked back up to find the line of Senga's mouth tense and unhappy. "Like you were a game. Like a food you should try. I didn't like it! Don't do it again!"

"Okay," Nikaido answered, guilt and happiness rolling around in his stomach in way that was kind of making him sick, so he shoved it away and sat up to kiss the unhappiness away from Senga's mouth. "Okay, I got it."

"Hey!" Miyata interrupted, and Senga and Nikaido both turned their heads to find Tamamori and Yokoo also watching them. "What did I tell you about that!"

"Just waiting for you to be ready for your turn," Nikaido boasted, using an arm to gather Senga closer when he heaved an exasperated sigh, and then he laughed, feeling wild and free and finally like himself.

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…