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Return of iPod iChing

While digging around in my ancient entries, I found this. From infinitemonkeys by way of musefool:

iPod iChing

You reach for the iPod and set it up to shuffle the songs. There can be no cheating by switching it to a playlist -- it must be on shuffle of everydamnedthing. Then you take the first five songs and this will provide you with the answers you seek to your dilemma.

My divination went as follows:

song 1:The problem at hand: 恋焼け (Love Burn), NewS
Sample lyric: It lightens, it darkens, another love burn/Sending this, I'm sending this to you
/pasting my heart on a piece of paper/P.S. Thanks

Interpretation: you are sublimating your continued lack of physical relationship by writing progressively more handbasket-worthy fic.

Check and check. I JUST THING CHINEN IS CUTE, OKAY? Also I am ridiculously sick, so, burning = not a euphemism for taka's relationship with his racket.

Song 2: your feelings about the same: Selenite, Rurutia
Sample Lyric: Ah, a light flickers in the ruined city/And an invisible tune, full of wishes, echoes around
Interpretation: You're also listening to a lot of emo j-pop.

The universe knows too much about me. *grumpy*

Song 3: The environment in which you operate: Burning For You, Blue Oyster Cult
Sample lyric: Burn out the day/Burn out the night/I can't see no reason to put up a fight/I'm living for giving the devil his due
Interpretation: Not only are you headed straight to hell for your coping mechanism, you're also playing too much Guitar Hero.

so what if Guitar Hero made me cry the other day. I'M SICK. I CAN'T HELP IT.

Song 4: Immediate action to be taken: Night Must End, Sleeping at Last
Sample lyric: Be brave/Like bridges underwater/Keeping strong beyond their time.
Interpretation: Well, that's pretty explicit. And not very hopeful.

Also, since i got this CD at a live local concert a few years ago, perhaps it means go see Cobra Starship with Marks in the immediate future.

Song 5: Likely outcome: London Rain, Heather Nova
Sample lyric: I'm alive, i'm a mess/I can't wait to get home to you/To get warm and undressed/There've been changes beyond my dreams
Interpretation: ...really? I've never ever seen a positive answer while doing one of these before.

Seriously, really? I'll, um. Keep that in mind.

Bonus Song 6 Added by Mousapelli: Any chance of getting a timeline on that?:Missed Again, Phil Collins
Sample Lyric: I'm waiting in line/Would you say if I was wasting my time/Well it feels like something you want so bad/Then you think you've got it, but it's something you already had
Interpretation: yeah, i didn't think so.
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