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Yaguruma Needs A Boyfriend Always

I feel all anxious and rarrrgh for no particular reason, which i am full of hate for. at this point I can't tell whether I'm miserable because I'm sick, or if I'm sick because I'm miserable. But I guess it doesn't matter.

Ai no Kotodama arrived today, and OH GOD THE CUTE. IT BURNS. But it's frustrating being able to understand so little of what they're saying. So much for Prince of Tennis teaching me Japanese.

But on the other hand, boys making out! Why are boys kissing hotter than any porn ever? I'm always fascinated by that. and weird little things, like the one guy thumbing the other guy's earring? unreasonably hot. And wrestling! Although that I do understand, because it's such a display of affection, especially when tickling is involved. double points for somebody getting knocked off the bed.

It has a happy ending and everything! Although in my current state, the part of the movie where people are broken up made me cry. Ugh.

I highly recommend! Especially if you liked the manga (which i adore) and is out in English under the title "Words of Devotion."
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