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We Make Sandwich I Am Meat

Rats/guinea pig cleaned, floor vacuumed, Shokura watched, thoughts of doing lesson plans thoroughly dismissed.

Thoughts about Shounen Club 2008.02.03:

*Hikaru won! That's never happened before!


*Why does Question? suck so bad at Intro Don? Don't they play, you know, all the songs? Always?

*Shoon + ABC. YES. KEEP IT UP.

*there were a metric fuckton of random baby juniors I've never seen before. I didn't recognize a single freaking person in that intro medley. Now, on the one hand, maybe they're getting ready to move Hey!Say! out of the SC venue, which I would like to see happen, and starting to intro the juniors who will fill in the gaps, but still. God, I just learned two million people. how can there be more?! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME *CRIES*

*on the other, other hand, Okawa (i think) can be my new baby favorite for talking about his oniichan as his most treasured thing and also getting a hug from Koyama.

*on the other other other hand, Koyama needs to lose the Yamapi hair. I am not digging it at all.

*can we just admit that group of people that satellites around Kamei is a unit? Please?

*on a reflective note, while watching all these new people, I think to myself, okay, which of you freaks is going to be the next Jin? (I would ask who will be the next Yamapi, but the answer is flagrantly Chinen.)

*ETA: mystery solved. it's Hasshi. O.o why do I not recall seeing that clip? he even looks like Jin! how odd.

*Baby morimoto doing Real Face = SO UNFAIR. I DONT WANT TO LIKE YOU, TEN-YEAR-OLD. go away for 3-5 years. OR MAYBE A DECADE. And please don't form a unit with kana-kun and that sweet-faced long-haired kid. But god, chibi Real Face cover = my favorite thing of all time. LETS PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED.

*I was really hoping that sooner or later all of Reon's magazine attention would translate into Shokura attention, but it doesn't seem to be working out that way. come on, guys! The Yamashita have always worked out for you before!

*i kind of almost understood the shiragi/kuragi question. I was really close. I did understand the theme right away! this is progress. also, did i mention hikaru won? I just want to say that I am full of love for him lately. he's rocking out the dorky faces/voices on purpose, but it's hard to hide that he's about to grow up in a big way. And I love his voice more every time I hear it.

*Fujiie = cute as a bug. SOMEBODY FEED HIM.

*Kisumai's new costumes aren't in any way my favorite, but they are cute. Also they are awesome backdancers. Also they are the new KAT-TUN so hard that sometimes i can't stop laughing every time they are on screen. also, the dorky grin Fujigaya shoots the camera whenever he notices it on him kills me. DORK.

*this gets its own bullet point: TAMAMORI. WHY ARE YOU SO ADORABLE.

*I'll just get the heysay interview flail all out in one go: HAMSTER. CHINEN OHNO PHONE CARD. YAMADA AND WAN-CHAN. INOO-IMOTO. TAKAKI OJICHAN. you guys need to stop being so cute like whoa, because there are too many of you and you are too little to fill me with so much flail. Just stop.

*this was the first Jr ni Q that actually entertained me maybe ever (except for "I LOVE TROPICAL FISH"). CHARM POINTS. aww, Kamei. And shockingly, baby Morimoto again. You know what your charm point is? COVERING SENPAI SONGS WHEN YOU ARE 1/3 THEIR AGE.

*Shoon/Hikaru ♥ bff, yo. So nice to see them hanging around together again.

*I want to write Question? fic, but I don't have any bunnies. or know their names. JIRENMA.
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