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The Anniversary Post

I keep missing all my anniversaries, so I thought I should make a post to collect them finally.

Mousapelli's Primarily Embarrassingly Dorky Anniversaries:

Website Anniversary: January 28 (2002)
LJ Anniversary: July 2 (2003)

Anime/Inuyasha Anniversary: September 5 (2003) [that's crazy, man. crazy]
Prince of Tennis Anniversary: July 5 (2005)

w-inds. Anniversary: February 19 (2006)
JE/KAT-TUN Anniversary: August 15 (2006)
Arashi Anniversary: February 9 (2007)
DBSK Anniversary: February 15 (2007)
Junior/Ya-Ya-yah Anniversary: April 28 (2007) [IT WAS ALL THAT APRIL DUET'S FAULT]
Kis-My-Ft2/Shounen Club/the last dregs of my dignity Anniversary: September 3 (2007)

...apparently I am an easy target in February.
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