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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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Et Tu, Neopets

I just wanna say that this neopet's plot freaking sucks. The first puzzle is way too hard for even me?

Come on now. I have a graduate degree, I should be able to solve the children's website puzzles.

*cold and tired and grumpy*

eta I'm quitting for now, I don't have this kind of time to accomplish nothing. if you are puzzle/cryptogram nuts and want to take a shot at it, here's a screenshot of the first puzzle:

it works by having a set column of modifiers to achieve a result. for instance, x+x+x+x=8. it doesn't matter what order they are in, x+v+c is the same as v+c+x.

the key that shows you what you add to which other thing to get the result you want is here, but honestly there's so many possible combinations even then it's just insanity.
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