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Mousie's Shounen Club Recap. Now With Screencaps!

and now my weekly post about the 293875238 things I loved about Shounen Club, plus a bunch of screen caps.

*Yorokobi ♥♥♥ Kamei/Hasshi/etc sound really cute singing it. and awwww, abc+shoon again. I want them to have an actual song together! abc's been rocking the collab lately, but we'll talk about that later on.

*I continue to know next to nobody during the medley. Oi, new jrs, how many of you ARE THERE? but I did recognize Okawa (Ogawa?)-kun from last week, who became my random new favorite for claiming his oniichan as his favorite thing and hugging Koyama.

*I like Hasshi! I like him a lot! I want him to have a unit and be the next Jin!

*Please give some of these people units. I CAN'T LEARN THIS WAY.

*Although I was puzzled by Yamada's letter, nobody, I really did like his solo. plus, Chinen and Morimoto backdancing, awwwwww. Lol, I think they're the just only two HS members shorter than Yamada...

Oh, i'm feeling it, sweetie.

*So, coming right from the 14-year-old, I am faced with this:

JUNNO. WHAT. Ilu, seriously, but please don't make the 14-year-olds look more attractive by comparison. they don't need the help.

PS- dressing all the juniors like this:

NOT HELPING. I see you bunny-kun. you keep your morimoto/kana-kun/bunny-kun pre-unit away from me.

*The game! wow, so much random. Fujigaya vs Kitayama doing the Jin/Kame mouth thing! Yabu beat-boxing! Senga losing, awwww. And then there is this:

Taipi is looking out at the audience and deliberately pointing at Yokoo, and then the fact that they are gayly chained together. More than once. HAHA WHAT. Taipi, you are a boob. also, i continue to adore the dorky smile Taipi always gives the camera when it's focused on him.


*and now the reason for all the screencaps: HIKARU'S SOLO. oh god, I was just...not prepared. Hikaru is all grown up *_* His singing and his dancing have gotten so good over the past year, and it was so good to see him do something serious instead of playing the clown. In fact, he reminded me of Ryo so much during this solo. Have some caps:

I'M SO PROUD OF YOU, HIKARU. This is what loving jrs is all about, nee? Even though this is not where I was hoping he'd be when I got into Y3 last year, Hikaru looks terrific, and more importantly he looks happy. Here's hoping all my other jrs turn out half so well in the end.

*I like the Butoukan song more live than on the PV. It's so cute! and I love watching Senga have a good time, and Yara dance. In other news, Yara's head looks exactly like my siamese-colored rat's ass. I'm not trying to be mean, it's just.....yeah. all puffy and two-toned. haha, Yara ♥

*My favorite MCs are always the Koyama/Yabu/Hikaru/Nakamaru ones. I'm not sure what it is, maybe the combination of personalities, maybe lingering affection for Y3 being the little brother band of NewS/KAT-TUN. Maybe it's that all of them are reasonably normal. I'm not sure, but I smile when that grouping shows up.

*ABC + KISUMAI. how loudly can i say YES OMG? ABC is so the whore of JE, they look awesome with everybody. I loved both sets of costumes as well. behold:

OKAY. whose plan was it to put bare-shouldered Kitayama on the same screen with badass-haired Kawai? TOO MUCH HOT OMG. also: LOW SENSE. lol, it's so true. Kitamitsu~

aww, best friends ♥

*Is it just me or have the older jrs costumes not been as horrifying as they usually are lately? I've been noticing lately that I usually love everything that happens to kisumai/abc/question?, but when i look back, the older stuff is pretty heinous. Maybe i'm just going blind from exposure.

*This ender isn't my favorite song in the world, but it's cute. And yay more bits of Shoon! Damn, though I was hoping he'd actually get to do something this SC. And Fujigaya continues to be just the cutest thing on wheels.

*parting thoughts: I think i said this last week, but I'm ready for new units (haha, I feel kind of like when the rat died and i had to wait a bit before I was ready for new ones). I feel ready. I can see them sort of testing out combinations, and I don't think anyone will be shocked when the groups emerge, but...i want the excitement of new names and new photoshoots and new pinups and all the hoopla.

*Is anybody ripping mp3s off Shounen Club regularly? Cause I want a bunch of stuff from this week and last week, I just don't want to do the hard work, haha. (if nobody is, I suppose I could be the weekly shokura mp3 person, since I'm going to watch them and talk about them anyhow.)
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