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Title: Best-Loved [OT5]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for hidden dangers in the couch cushions.
Summary: Jaejoong doesn't exactly clear up who he loves best.
AN: supposedly for my DBSK anniversary, a couple hours late. Whatever. for Jemz, Tabs, Rana, Eliza, Clare, and everyone else who makes loving DBSK not just another fandom, but a space that feels a lot like home. TADAIMA.


"Anything I want?" Jaejoong asks, tapping his chin and humming thoughtfully, tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth in concentration.

Across the living room, Changmin and Junsu's heads popped up suddenly over the back of the couch, Changmin's interest piqued because Jaejoong getting something special for dinner meant everybody getting something special for dinner, and Junsu's because he could hear Jaejoong's tongue poking out from three rooms away.

"What I'm really hungry for…" Jaejoong smiled sweetly at both of them. "…is you. Hurry home, Yunnie-ah~!"

Jaejoong shut his phone, laughing as Changmin's head slumped back out of sight with a dramatic "Hmph" and Junsu stayed exactly where he was, head tilted in interest.

"Something I can help you with?" Jaejoong inquired, tucking his phone in his pocket and crossing the room to brush fingers through Junsu's (dark again) hair.

"Don't let him trick you with smiles and hair-petting," Changmin advised Junsu, eyes glued to the television and his Katamari but a big showy pout still on his face. "Anybody who turns down Leader-sshi's offers of food isn't to be trusted."

"That just means you won't get any hair-petting," Junsu said smugly, pushing up against Jaejoong's hand and giving an exaggerated groan of pleasure. Changmin's pout twitched, then turned into a scowl when Junsu caught him sneaking a glance and reached over to poke Changmin's cheek.

"Jaejoong!" Changmin whined, immediately dropping his controller to try and shoulder Junsu out from under Jaejoong's hands. "I want petted too!"

"No way!" Junsu shouldered Changmin back, refusing to give up his spot. "Jaejoong loves me best!"

"Lies!" Changmin hollered, scandalized, and then pounced on Junsu. Nobody at all was getting petted at that point, because Changmin and Junsu were thrashing around, tickling and slapping at each other, and Jaejoong was laughing so hard that he was sprawled over the back of the couch.

"Now?" Junsu asked, hopefully, suddenly.

"Now," Changmin agreed, and they reached up to both grab hold of Jaejoong and yank him, yelping, over the back of the couch.

"Hey!" Jaejoong protested, getting his own share of tickling and slapping in. "Let go! I don't love either of you best!"

"I told you he couldn't be trusted," Changmin said sadly as Junsu gasped in feigned shock, and then they fell on Jaejoong with renewed vigor.

"OW," Jaejoong bellowed, "THERE'S A CONTROLLER IN MY SPINE."

Eventually all three of them ran out of breath and collapsed in a pile, Junsu and Changmin cuddled up tight to either side of Jaejoong after Junsu had performed a controllerectomy and Changmin had kissed the injury better. Jaejoong wrapped arms around both of them to keep everybody on the couch, and Junsu and Changmin took turns kissing him thank you.

Until they heard the sound of the door opening, and Yunho and Yoochun calling into the apartment.

"You're in Japan, idiot!" Changmin yelled back, rolling away. "Okaeri!"

"What?!" Yunho yelled back.

"Wait, wait, where are you going?" Jaejoong wanted to know, trying to catch at Changmin's waist.

"Okaeri!" Changmin yelled, louder. "Okaeri!"

"Where's he going?" Jaejoong asked Junsu, but Junsu was subdued by hair-petting and just gave a noncommittal sort of grunt against Jaejoong's collarbone.

"WHAT?" Yunho asked again.

"OKAERI!" Changmin scrunched his eyes shut to yell as loud as he could. "SAY 'TADAIMA,' YOU HEATHEN."

"Minnie-ah," Jaejoong reached up to grab Changmin's chin between two fingers, "where are you going?"

"Well, you said Yunho was what you wanted," Changmin said, shrugging, only a hint of tease lurking in the corners of his mouth. "So I'm getting out of the way."

"Get back down here," Jaejoong ordered, a touch of smooth steel underneath the purr, and Changmin pretended to give it some thought before Jaejoong tugged him back down with a firm hand and tucked him back in against his side.

"Hey," Yunho said, coming into the living room and leaning over the back of the couch. "So, despite your refusal to be helpful, any chance you might come out to the kitchen and tell Yoochun if you see anything you want?"

"Now?" Jaejoong asked.

"Now," agreed Changmin and Junsu, and then all three of them grabbed Yunho by the shirt and pulled him over the back of the couch.

"Hey, hey wait!" Yunho tried to protest, but all his struggles earned him was a painful crash onto the floor as he toppled the precarious balance the other three had been achieving on the couch.

"Welcome home~!" Junsu chirped, wriggling about happily in the tangle they were in on top of Yunho, and Changmin gave him an approving hair-scrunch.

"I think there's a controller in my spine," Yunho groaned, making pathetic eyes at Jaejoong.

"We can have Changmin take care of that," Jaejoong reassured, brushing lips over Yunho's cheekbone. "Welcome home."

"I'm back," Yunho relented at last, letting the people who loved him best welcome him home properly.

Minus one.

"Hey," Yoochun stuck his head in the doorway and then came over to regard the heap of bandmates with crossed arms. "Isn't anybody going to help me make dinner?"

"Now?" Yunho asked, and the vote was unanimous as four hands wrapped around Yoochun's ankles and yanked.
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