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Translation, ShoonxReon, March Winkup, Influence One Another

Translation of the Shoon x Reon crosstalk in March 2008 Winkup.

copious help from mark356.

additional fires put out by longleggedgit, snowqueenofhoth, and shatteredtenshi.

someday i will learn to read for real, guys. honestly.

Influence One Another
Yamashita Shoon x Yamashita Reon [翔央&莉央」


Koi ni kansuru shitsumon demo,
Sekkaku nanode kyoudai nara dewa no mono wo ikutsuka youi.
Koe ya shigusa wa sokkuri na futari de kedo,
Rennaikan wa dou nan deshou?

Concerning questions related to love,
Since there's such a long-awaited chance, several things have been prepared for the brothers.
Concerning things like their voices and gestures, they're the spitting image of each other but,
About feelings of love, how will it be?


kyoudai de onaji onna no ko wo suki ni natta to shitara?
What would you do if you ever fell in love with the same girl as your brother?


Uwo~~, souzou shitakunai naa (warai).
Demo Reon mo mou koukousei ni naru kara, 100% nai hanashi janai yo ne.
Oniisan dakara otouto ni yuzuru tte iu no wa,
kono baai wa nai deshou. Tte iuka, mushiro
"Furaretari kizu tsuitari suru no mo, otona ni naru tame no ii keiken da.
Dakara ORE ni yuzutta hou ga, kekka omae no tame ni naru zo"
Tte settoku shichau ka mo (warai).

Uwo~~, I don't want to imagine that (laughs).
But after Reon also becomes a high school student, it's not something that 100% wouldn't happen yo, ne.
So, the older brother giving in to the younger brother,
in this case that probably wouldn't happen. In this case, it's more like
"Things like getting rejected or getting hurt, it's a good experience to become an adult.
So, it's better that you gave in to me, in the end it's for your own good, yo."
I'd persuade him, I guess (laughs).

Rennai soudan, kyoudai de shitari suru?
Do you ever do things like have a discussion with your brother about love?


Soudan jyanai kedo, tama ni "de, dou nano?" mitaina hanashi wa shitari suru yo.
Demo mada rennai ni wa sonna ni kyoumi nai mitai.
"Donna hito ga suki nano?" tte kiitara, (hiku shibui koe de)
"ORE wa naa, sei ga takakute naa,
SURA tto shita KIREI na hito ga suki da" tte itteta.
Aitsu, risou takasugi nanda yo (warai).

We haven't had a discussion but, we have conversations like "that one there, how's she?" yo.
But about love, he doesn't seem to have that much interest in that kind of thing yet.
When I asked "What kind of person do you like?", (in a low, cool voice)
"As for me, naa, since I've gotten tall, naa,
I'd like somebody who's long-legged and beautiful" he said.
That guy, he's got some kind of amazingly high standards (laughs).

Reon wa donna onna no ko wo suki ni nari sou?
What kind of girl would Reon fall in love with?


Kakujitsu ni ieru no wa,
CHARACHARA shita kanji no onna no ko no koto wa suki ni naranai to omou.
Reon tte te sugoi MAJIME nano ne.
BIKKURI suru kurai MAJIME nano.
Dakara nakami ga shikkari shita,
onajiku MAJIME na kanji no ko ga atteru to omou yo.

About speaking reliably,
I think he wouldn't want to fall in love with a girl who has a feeling of bling-bling.
I'd say that Reon is amazingly honest, ne.
You'd be surprised at how honest he is.
But on the inside he's level-headed,
So I think someone who has the same feeling of honesty would suit him.

Jibun kara kokuhaku suru to shitara donna SHICHUEESHION de nante iu?
If you yourself were to make a confession, in what kind of situation and what would you say?


Sono ba no TIMINGU shidai kamo.
Hyotto shitara TOIRE ni iku tochuu ni BATTARI atte,
Sono toki ni ii TAIMINGU da na tte omottetara,
Sono ba de kokuhaku shichau kamo shirenai.
TOIRE no mae jya, onna no ko wa GAKKARI kana (warai).

It would depend on the timing of the place, I guess.
If, totally on accident, I was in the middle of going into the bathroom and we met by coincidence,
if at that moment I thought it was good timing,
In that spot I guess I might confess.
But in front of a bathroom, well, a girl would be disappointed, wouldn't she (laughs).

Sura tto, about people, means they have long, thin limbs, hands, feet, etc.
charachara was explained to me as blingy.
Majime is like diligent/serious/honest. I just picked honest cause it sounded best.


kyoudai de onaji onna no ko wo suki ni natta to shitara?
What would you do if you ever fell in love with the same girl as your brother?


E~, sore wa kimazui (warai).

Dou shitara iin darou…udesumou?
Demo kitto Shoon ga katsu shi naa.
Ironna men de Shoon ni wa kanaisou mo nai kara,
Sou nattara jibun ga akiremete, motto ii hito sagashimasu!

E~, that's awkward! (laughs).
I wonder if it would be okay if we…arm-wrestled for it?
But Shoon would definitely win.
But even though it doesn't even look like I could match up to Shoon in various aspects,
if it turned out like that I'd give up, I'd find a better person!

Rennai soudan, kyoudai de shitari suru?
Have you ever had a discussion with your brother about love?


Shinai naa.
Ima wa mada chuugakusei dakara, rennai to ka zenzen kyoumi naishi.
Shou san no toki ni ii na tte omou onna no ko ga ite,
Mukou mo BARENTAIN no CHOCO wo kuretari shita koto ga attan desu yo.
Sono ato mo CHOCO morattari shitetanda kedo,
Chuugaku ni haitte hanare banare ni nacchatte.
Ima ni natte omou to, are ga hatsukoi datta no kanaa.

We haven't, naa.
I'm still a middle school student now, so I don't have any interest in anything like love.
In my third year of elementary school, there was a girl I thought "she's nice" about,
who, for her part, would do things like give me Valentine's chocolates, yo.
Even after that I did things like receive the chocolate, but,
when we entered middle school, it happened that we got separated.
I think about it how it turned out now, but that's first love, isn't it.

Shoon wa donna onna no ko wo suki ni nari sou?
What kind of girl would Shoon fall in love with?


Uwo, kore mo MUZUI (warai).
Mae ni "mawari ni kikubari no dekiru ko ga ii" tte itteta you na ki ga suru.
Shoon wa suki na ko ga dekitara, zettai ni uwaki toka wa shinai ningen ta to omou.
Dakara, sou iu Shoon no MAJIME na kimachi ni kotaeraru hito ga iin jyanai kana.

Wow, that's uncomfortable too (laughs).
I have a feeing that earlier Shoon said something like "A person who can care for her surroundings is good."
For Shoon, if he were to get a girfriend he likes, for sure I think he wouldn't cheat.
And so, somebody who could respond this way to Shoon's honest feelings would be good, wouldn't they.

Jibun kara kokuhaku suru to shitara donna SHICHUEESHION de nante iu?
If you yourself were to make a confession, in what kind of situation and what would you say?


Gakkou no okujou ni yobidashite,
Youi shiteita yubiwa wo watasu…a, kore jya PUROPOOZU ka (warai).
Docchi ka tte ittara, aite no hito kara kokuhaku sarata hou ga ii kamo.
Demo sakki mo itta kedo,
Ima wa HONTO ni kanojyo ka hoshitte omowanainda yo ne.
Koukou ni haittara, chotto kurai sou iu keiken shitai na to wa omou kedo.

After asking her up to the school's rooftop,
I'd hold out the ring I had prepared…a, this isn't a proposal, is it (laughs).
If I had to choose, I think I'd rather I was confessed to by the person I was with.
But like I said a bit ago,
right now I seriously don't think I'd want a girlfriend, yo ne.
But I think I want to have that kind of experience just a little later, when I enter high school.
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