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Kirakira, or, Now I Can Make a Fool of Myself in TWO Languages!

1. Text for w-inds. scrapbook pages finished and printed. Actual pasting of things to follow. acchikocchi is my hero~ (do you want a thank you fic omg?!) I FEEL ALL WOOBIE ABOUT IT. It starts out "the internet is amazing, ne" and goes downhill from there *so ashamed*

1a. Now that I'm at the point where a Japanese person might actually understand what i'm trying to say...I kind of wish i wasn't. because i feel all asldgjlkdgja about airing in public (and in theory to w-inds. themselves) exactly how I feel about w-inds., which is that they make me want to scream like a 15-year-old girl. Which I've done already. At them. And they clearly noticed it. i can't help it, w-inds. will always be my first j-pop love D: D: D:

1b. Having mentioned on Keita's page the Feel the Fate incident from last summer, I'm concerned he might remember it and connect all the dots. "OH HAY this is that crazy foreigner who doesn't know the words to the single that's 50% English! And looking at her Japanese, I can see why..."

2. Speaking of feeling like a 15-year-old, WHAT IS WITH THE PIMPLES, BODY. stoppit. We did this stage already. Like, a decade ago. Even if we were to somehow revert to being 15, Hikaru/Senga/Hasshi/Yamada/Chinen would still be illegal, so PLEASE STOP.

3. itsaharshworld scanlated that last Shoon talk I translated, which is awesome. It's just so weird to see my own words on something, lol! Also, I would like to point out that if Shoon wants somebody who cares about their surroundings, perhaps he should not confess in front of the bathroom (and PS what kind of girl is he meeting going into the boy's bathroom anyhow?! hmm...)

4. So, Uchi has never been in circulation while I've been in JE, so he's not my guy or anything. But the flood of canon Ryo/Uchi is really's something all right. Far be it from me to not otp two guys who get to hold hands in front of a rainbow on the cover of TVwhatever. Sometimes I really feel that JE is working its way towards debuting an openly gay couple. SEE ALSO: icon. Other times I feel like they already have.

4a. Whenever I link somebody that picture, I just stare at it for awhile. I think it's the fact that it doesn't look fanservicey at all, it's just Ohno and Nino. And there isn't any room for "it's not what it looks like" either. After spending most of my fannish life in fandoms where you have to dig for subtext, Arashi is sometimes a little too overwhelming. DBSK too ("this story says we have THAT kind of relationship").

5. Somehow it is 1 am already. Oi. I want my summer sleep schedule back ;_;

6. Actually it's more like three or four, since I definitely humiliated myself in Greek in college (hetaira =/= female buddy), and I do it in Latin like five times a day at work.
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