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It's Snowing In Harrisburg, Baby

my father just called to be like "I know it is you teachers who are making it snow. STOP IT." Although the truth is that i DON'T want a snow day tomorrow, as it means we will lose all but one day of spring break. *sadface*

in other news, the following quote from ranalore is the funniest thing I've received in a comment in days: "Changmin would so not want the job of leader-sshi. You can't rebel against the Man when you are the Man."

It's so true! oh Min, ilu. on the other hand, any time you want to stop getting exponentially hotter every time i see you, i'd be okay with that. It's just, MY EYES.

in other other news: KAI has a SHINING STAR? alsdfjalfdja WHY DIDNT ANYBODY TELL ME. it's not Sky but it's still awesome. *fires up realplayer* (also, i have a bunny where hikaru gets sort of jealous of kai's flagrant senpai-crush on sho and seduces kai out of spite, probably in Sho's futon).
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