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Down Another Rat

I didn't get a chance to post about it earlier, but Shishido died sometime last night. when I went to bed he was in the hammock with Atobe, but he must have gotten up in the middle of the night to curl up in the litter box by himself.

He always did like it in there. He used to eat in there sometimes. It made some kind of sense to him, I suppose, since he was the rat that came litter trained and taught the others to do it. Shido was definitely the smartest of the four. When I went to pick up the rats, Shido was the one who sent Atobe out as a distraction while he escaped in the other direction. Shido was also the one who would shoo Jiroh off my desk when I would yell at him for being up there and messing up my stuff.

Shishido was the first of the four to brux at me, and the only one to do it regularly the whole time I've had them. He would pretend he was too cool to be cuddled, but he would sidle up if I was cuddling one of the other rats, and he really liked having his neck scratched just behind his jaw on both sides. And he really really liked eating all the yogurt off the yogurt raisins, and then leaving the raisins in a gross little pile under my pillow.

I'll miss you, pal. You were a good rat.

I'm okay, since it wasn't a shock or anything, just a little sad. Rats D:
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