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Title: Currying Favor [Sho/Hikaru]
Rating/Warnings: R for Coat West being, you know, pornography.
Summary: All of them have that look sometimes, but when it's Hikaru, that's different.
AN: for snowqueenofhoth, because she is easy for Sho and Kai just like I am, and for swtjemz, who needs to write way more Coat West so that I'm not the only freak.

Currying Favor

The first clue that something was wrong was the fact that Hikaru was calling at all. They'd already made firm plans that morning, so Sho set down the hairdryer with a frown when he heard the buzz of his phone and went out to scoop it off his futon.

"It's Sho," he said after flipping it open, and felt a touch of relief when Hikaru's voice sounded only a little worn.

"Ne, Sho," Hikaru said, and Sho heard the sound of Hikaru's bag hitting the floor. "Would you mind coming over instead? I think I'm too tired to go out again."

"That's fine," Sho answered automatically, but his frown was back. Hikaru was never too tired to do things, not even things that made Sho exhausted just to think about. "Do you want me to pick up dinner?"

"That would be great." The relief in Hikaru's voice only served to make Sho frown harder. "I'm going to take a shower, so if I don't answer the door, let yourself in, ne?"

A half-hour later, Sho was just shutting the door behind him as Hikaru came out of the bathroom, wearing soft, gray sweatpants and toweling off his hair.

"You didn't answer when I called from the combini," Sho held up the large plastic bag, "so I just got a bunch of stuff."

"Thanks." Hikaru pulled the towel off, and Sho examined his face, biting back another frown.

Hikaru looked tired, his smile worn and shaky. It was a look they all wore from time to time, a consequence of the indignities of the job. Not Hikaru though, not usually. Not like this.

"Are you okay?" Sho asked, and Hikaru seemed to catch himself, running his hand through his hair to spike it up and turning up the wattage of his smile. Sho narrowed his eyes expectantly, unimpressed and more than familiar enough with Hikaru to know when he was faking something. "Hikaru."

"Maa, there's no fooling Sho-kun, huh." Hikaru let the fake smile slip away again, and took the bag out of Sho's hands. He kept his eyes down while he rifled the contents of the bag. "I filmed with Makoto today."

"Oh?" Sho didn't bother to keep his personal feelings about Makoto, based purely on personal experience of course, out of his voice. "Did you get to top at least?"

Hikaru's hands stilled, and when he spoke, his voice was about as far from his usual boisterous self as possible. "Not so much."

"Here, give me that," Sho said gruffly, taking the bag back from Hikaru. "Put a shirt on before you catch cold and go sit down."

"Got it." Hikaru's smile was wan, but at least honest, easing the knot of tension in Sho's chest. "There's beer in the fridge, grab me one?"

They settled on Hikaru's couch, Sho flipping on a terrible kung-fu movie that he knew Hikaru would like, and divided up the onigiri by reaching blindly into the bag and having to eat whatever they happened to grab without looking at the label.

"Urg!" Hikaru scrunched up his face when he got a big mouthful of sour plum, but he let Sho make it up to him by giving him the last stick of dango.

It wasn't only out of the goodness of his heart, since Sho would have much rather licked the sweetness of the dango from Hikaru's lower lip than the sour plum when Hikaru kissed him thank you.

They ended up in a sprawl side-by-side on Hikaru's couch by the time the movie ended, Hikaru protesting that he was too tired to move even the half-meter to his futon. He wasn't too tired, however, to wrap arms around Sho's neck and roll their hips together.

Sho, still occupied with the taste of sugar lingering in the corners of Hikaru's mouth, made a questioning noise, but Hikaru only turned his head to move his lips more firmly against Sho's and tugged one of Sho's hands down to brush against the bare stripe of skin at his waist.

It was easy enough to push Hikaru's sweatpants out of the way and wrap a hand around Hikaru's cock. Hikaru was barely hard at all despite how close he was pressing against Sho, more proof of how tired he was, but Sho figured that Hikaru was more than capable of deciding what he wanted.

He worked Hikaru slow and steady, not in any rush, until Hikaru was begging him to speed up with soft noises, pushing hard into Sho's hand. Sho coaxed him over the edge with tightening strokes and a few choice words about how good Hikaru looked, underneath him and desperate, how good Hikaru's fingers felt where they clutched tight at the small of Sho's back.

"You don't ha—" Sho started to murmur when Hikaru shook off the last of his shivers and reached for Sho's jeans, but Hikaru cut him off with a firm kiss and a firmer squeeze.

Sho didn't have any problem making it easy for Hikaru. He closed his eyes and let his forehead fall against Hikaru's neck, breathing in the warm spice of Hikaru's skin right after his shower, letting his hips roll into Hikaru's touch. When Hikaru turned his head to catch Sho's mouth, Sho pushed into that touch too, Hikaru's appreciative murmurs mixing with his own whimpers.

"Come on," Hikaru said against Sho's mouth, and Sho reached harder, for Hikaru's sake, letting his head empty of everything except how good Hikaru's hand felt around him, how good the low purr of Hikaru's voice sounded as it brushed over Sho's ear. Hikaru made it easy for Sho to find an edge of his orgasm to grab onto, and as soon as that happened, Sho let himself go gladly.

Eventually Sho opened one eye to find Hikaru had been waiting for him to look before bringing up his hand to lick one of his fingers clean. Sho rolled his eyes at the predictable tease as he reached for the tissue box that was always within easy reach of Hikaru's couch, and Hikaru chuckled and let Sho clean both of them off.

Despite Hikaru's half-hearted whines, Sho got them up to roll Hikaru into his futon and flip the lights out, then stripped his jeans and T-shirt off before crawling in beside Hikaru, sighing as he wrapped himself around Hikaru's back, Hikaru's body heat soaking into his skin.

"Hey," Hikaru protested, voice already distant with sleep. "I'm overdressed for this party."

"Go to sleep, idiot," Sho ordered, slipping a hand up under Hikaru's sweatshirt to shut him up, resting his palm against the rise and fall of Hikaru's chest.

Ten minutes later, Hikaru's breathing slow and even against his hand, Sho realized that his own advice was easier said than done.


Sho didn't have to be at work the next day until after noon, which meant he could take his time about it after seeing Hikaru off to his morning classes, but he still arrived in a testy mood. He tried to shake it off, knowing that being in a bad mood would just make everything twenty times more annoying.

He'd almost succeeded, his primary method of improving his frame of mind involving huge sunglasses and a very girly coffee, by the time he arrived at the hotel they were filming at, only to be sent right back to square one by overhearing Makoto as he was taking off his shoes in the genkan.

Standing around the corner, Makoto was obviously oblivious to the fact that Sho was eavesdropping, going on about the previous day's filming.

"…quite a show if I do say so myself," he was saying.

"Oh no," sighed Gen, who Sho recognized by voice as well. "What did you do?"

"Nothing I wasn't supposed to," Makoto sniffed, and then when Gen heaved a little sigh, added, "Relax, Hikaru can take it."

Over the sound of his teeth grinding, Sho heard the door open behind him, and then somebody bumped into him from behind with a startled noise. He turned to find Tsubasa, looking flustered and like his oversized sweatshirt was eating him, cheeks pink from both the cold and embarrassment.

"Sorry, Sho-kun!" he apologized, bowing, then tilted his head when Sho put a finger to his lips for silence. Sho rolled a shoulder towards the sound of Makoto's voice, and Tsubasa's expression immediately became more guarded.

Sho swallowed a sigh; seemed like Makoto hadn't confined himself to bullying the senpai lately.

"…sure looking forward to it," Makoto was continuing, while Gen kept wisely silent. "He's such a sweet little thing, isn't he? But you wouldn't believe the sorts of noises you can get out of him once you really get going…"

Tsubasa shrank closer to Sho, almost hiding behind him, and Sho gave up all hope of calming down and stomped out of the genkan and around the corner.

Makoto's face as he realized he'd been overheard made Sho smirk in satisfaction, but before either of them could say anything, the director dashed up to intercept them.

"We're ready to go," he said. "Makoto-kun, have you seen Tsubasa-kun?"

"He just got here," Sho cut in smoothly, enjoying even more the narrowing of Makoto's eyes as there was a suspicious rustling from the genkan. "He needs a few minutes, but I'm ready. Would it be all right if Gen, Makoto, and I did our scene first?"

"Oh!" The director blinked, oblivious to the splutter Makoto was given. "That's fine, that's fine. We'll just get set up, and start in a few minutes."

He hustled off, and Sho didn't bother to hide his smirk as Makoto's mouth worked soundlessly for a few seconds.

"Don't worry, Makoto-kun," Sho said silkily. "I won't do anything I'm not supposed to. I'm sure you can take it."


"You're such a fucking idiot," Nagi said mildly two days later as they smoked a cigarette before going into that day's location. "You knew you had a week's worth of consecutive shooting. But you just couldn't keep from baiting Makoto, could you?"

"It was worth it," Sho said stubbornly, leaning against the wall and eyeing the concrete step Nagi was sitting on with distaste.

"Hikaru thinks it was sweet," Nagi admitted, the corner of his mouth twitching despite the stern expression he was fixing Sho with. "But that's because he's an idiot too."

"Yeah." Sho hid his own smile by pretending to cough against his shoulder.

"Anyway," Nagi stubbed out the end of his cigarette, "at least you should have an easy day today."

"Mm," Sho said.

"I mean, with Kai and all," Nagi continued, watching Sho's face when Sho suddenly became very interested in his cigarette. "You two get on pretty well, right?"

"Yeah," Sho nodded, still not meeting Nagi's eyes. "Kai's a lot of fun, all right."

"Oh god," Nagi sighed. "What did you do?"

"Switched our schedules." Sho flicked what was left of his cigarette to the ground and ground it out with the heel of his boot. "Nobody minds, really. Hikaru likes Kai too, they have a lot of chemistry. And Kenta's not so bad…" Sho trailed off as Nagi gave a snort. "What?"

"Nothing." Nagi shook his head and stood up, stretching. "You're a moron. Let's go in so Kenta can tear up your ass some more like you completely deserve."

Sho scowled, but trailed Nagi inside, demanding to know what, exactly, Nagi was snickering about. Nagi refused to give him an answer, only repeating that Sho was a moron, and he was still repeating it when Kai trotted up, looking bed-headed and perplexed.

"Good morning, Nagi-kun," Kai bobbed his head, "Sho-kun!"

It was impossible to miss the way Kai's smile turned a bit shy when he chirped his greeting to Sho, but Sho stoically ignored Nagi's indulgent smile. "Good morning, Kai-kun."

"Ne, Sho-kun," Kai scratched his nose. "Have you seen the schedule? I'm a bit confused, since I thought I was filming with you, but this morning they said it's Hikaru-kun now?"

"Well," Sho said, clearing his throat, "you see…"

"I mean, they change my schedule a lot," Kai went on as though Sho hadn't said anything, running a hand through his bleached hair and puffing it up even more. "But this is the third time!"

"Third…time?" Sho asked, shooting Nagi a dirty look when Nagi started to laugh.

"First it was Hikaru, then it was you, now it's Hikaru again! Maa, you'd think they'd make up their minds…"

"Hikaru," Sho groaned, laughing in spite of himself. "He changed the schedules too!"

"I told you you were an idiot," Nagi said smugly. He glanced over his shoulder. "And speaking of idiots…"

"Hikaru-kun!" Kai chirped over Sho's shoulder with a bright grin, and Sho turned in surprise to find Hikaru grinning back at them, coat slung over one shoulder and his other arm around a startled-looking Shun.

"Yo," Hikaru greeted all of them. He bumped his hips against Shun's a little. "I found a lost kitten in the parking lot, does he belong to any of you?"

"Don't tease, Hikaru-kun!" Kai scolded as Shun ducked out from under Hikaru's arm to bow his own greetings and ducked in between Nagi and Kai, murmuring that he was looking forward to filming with Nagi. "Ne, but, have you seen the schedule, Hikaru-kun? Am I really filming with you?"

"You're filming with Sho-kun today," Hikaru assured, giving Sho a steely glance. Sho coughed and looked away, giving Nagi a sharp elbow to the side when Nagi made a sound suspiciously like a snicker. "I'm filming with Kenta-kun. It was just a little mix-up, but it's all straightened out now, right, Sho-kun?"

"It's fine." Sho shrugged.

"Oh! Please take care of me then." Kai seemed more than willing to go along with that, and he turned to Shun. "Let's go get ready, Shun! I need help with my hair."

Kai dragged Shun off with a firm hand around his wrist, and Shun only had enough time to shoot a last, slightly panicked look over his shoulder before he disappeared from sight. Hikaru was the first to burst into laughter, followed by Nagi.

"I'd better make sure they don't get distracted," Nagi said. "You know how it is with the blue-assed ones, they go head over heels for the first pretty boy with a cool tattoo they see…"

He gave them a little wave, laughing harder when Sho told him exactly where he was about to get tattooed, before trailing after Shun and Kai, leaving Sho and Hikaru looking at each other.

"I'm a big boy, Sho," Hikaru said once they were alone, voice light, but hard expression telling Sho he wasn't fooling around. "I can take care of myself."

"That's not what this was about." Sho jammed his hands in his pockets. "I just didn't want you to look…you know, how you looked."

"It was just a bad day." Hikaru's expression softened a little, and he reached up to tweak a piece of Sho's hair. "It can't be helped."

"I still don't like it," Sho growled. "And anyway, you changed the schedule too!"

"I didn't want you to look like you looked either," Hikaru said, glancing over his shoulder to make sure no one was looking before leaning up to kiss Sho, quick and gentle. "Thanks for the thought, but I can handle Kenta. You just have fun with Kai, okay?"

"Yeah, okay," Sho agreed, wrapping arms around Hikaru's waist to pull him back for another kiss.

It quickly turned into two, then three, then into Hikaru shoving Sho up against the wall and leaning hard into him, until finally a loud throat-clearing made them turn their heads to find Nagi shaking his head at them.

"So this is where the kouhai get it!" Nagi sighed long-sufferingly. "You two are the worst senpai ever!"

"I have it on good authority that we're just idiots," Sho said, deadpan, stealing a last kiss before letting go of Hikaru. He blinked when he felt fingers wrap around his wrist, and Hikaru smiled at him affectionately.

"There's no fooling Sho-kun, huh," he said, and Sho couldn't help but laugh as Nagi shoved them down the hallway.

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…