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Shokura 2008.03.02 Thoughts (w Caps!)

In case you were wondering, yes I do plan to do this routinely. It's more fun this way.

Click for larger versions of everything. Feel free to use the caps for anything you like.

*A lot of yes for Kis-My-Ft2's new costumes, which i can only assume are for their new song next week, given that they didn't use them to backdance for Yabu. The only downside: not swooshy! but still hot.

*moving onto Mousie's New Unit Corner, each week I grow more convinced that they've already picked these and are just taunting me by refusing to name them while I fail utterly to learn anybody's name. Let's take a look at the (incredibly obvious) predictions:

Group 1: Shintarou, Bunny-kun (Taiga), and Kana-kun (Casey Anderson). Matching costumes, and I don't think I've seen these three apart in weeks. I think this one is a lock. we could call it Littlix! ...oh wait.

Group 2: Kamei, Hasshi and...that other guy (Sanada? I can't catch it). These guys i'm pretty sure of too.

there's a couple more in the medley that I think we're going to start seeing soon.

yup. And look who it is having the solo! My favorite! And he can sing! Yay, Oogawa (I think!)

Or it might be more like this since JE doesn't seem to like small groups.

Then there's these guys + Louis whoever. Yup.

And then something insane happened that involved like 8 people and top hats, and honestly i'm only assuming there's no repeats in here because they keep flashing names up.

And look who's back looking suspiciously like a unit again.


In conclusion: I think we're looking at 3-4 new units

*I tried to reon-spot through all of this, the whole time hoping he'd get named, but no go. Obviously there is no cap for that. YAMASHITA KYOUDAI UNIT PLEASE. ETA: Reon spotted during Jr. ni Q! Cap in comments.

*Two things about NewS: 1) I really like these outfits, which I think means i watch too much JE these days. But does anybody else keep thinking Shige has a parrot on his shoulder? They should have worn these for Sayaendou.

2) I don't really like when full debuted groups appear on Shokura, cause i can see them together any time! i want to see a couple of them pulled out and all mixed in with other people.

I don't have much else to say about NewS, though, because i see them all the time. Ryo is hot, Tego is hot, Pi's dorky teartrail makes me laugh. I do like seeing Koyama be proud of his band on his show, though. He gets all glowy and good-postured! (omg koyama please go back to the good hair).

*Okay, I lied, there's one more thing:


*Question? was hot like usual, although i'm getting sick of these songs a bit. Yonemura was looking particularly fine. and Akun. What can I say about you Akun.

Is it the shock of bleached curly hair i know you've got under that ridiculous hat? Your broad, bare, hafu shoulders? or is it your RAINBOW GUITAR STRAP. I CAN'T DECIDE.

*okay, the game sucked and i was bored for 2/3s of it. Although, Yamapi, I really dig your rainbow pirate shirt, and Fujigaya your hair WHAT.

however, the last segment, "Make a ridiculous puri pose" completely made up for it, because SHIGE. forced to demonstrate! The stripping alone had me cracking up, but when everybody ran out to protect him from taking off his pants, i nearly peed myself. Also, the chant of "Ka~to~u!" rotfl.

ROTFL PEEING MYSELF. KITAYAMA. And how hard Massu is laughing in that first one, because they all know EXACTLY where this is going. Koyama's "OH NOEZ" dash! XD XD XD

Have I mentioned how hard i fall for best friends? awwwwwwwwww. They make fun of Yamapi in here somehow, but the japanese!fail is strong.

*Hikaru and Senga are also adorable. (Koyama: "AH! It's a TIMINGU GAG!")

*Yabu's solo, Rain Dance, is awesome, but didn't affect me as much as Hikaru's did. Maybe I was prepared, maybe Yabu's been looking grownup to me already, I'm not sure. But he's an awesome dancer, I love his voice these days, and i think it takes a real performer to have seven guys backdance for you and still always be the center of attention.

*Nothing much to say about Jr. ni Q. I like the way Kitayama plays this sort of flaky leader part, which I think is mostly a cute act. Also, I feel like he's trying to sneakily steal Fujigaya's hair, and Fujigaya, as discussed earlier, is trying to make his hair psychotic in competition.

Somebody back there has "ARASHI-KUN" written down as their answer. It's probably Chinen. ETA: it actually says 'ARASHI-CON' and is by Tasiuke. Cute~ Goseki talking about KAT-TUN is also adorable.

*I was all set to hate the bunny-kun/kana-kun letters on principle. But Taiga is surprisingly well-spoken, and I do admit they are cute. awww, friends.

Also, my shriveled little heart melted at the English "I hope we can be friends forever."

*ABC's new song! I think it's safe to say that i didn't 'get it' whatever 'it' was in this case (They are puppets? There's a box? idk), but hey, ABC! I do love Kawai's new hair, it's badass. Also, they are sounding vocally stronger lately, which gives me hope.

I'm also realizing that Goseki is nearly as cute as Tottsu. GANBATTE, ABC. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

*I didn't bother to cap this, but i like the slow version of UMP much better. Again, I am struck by how smooth Hikaru's voice is these days. So grownup. *sniffle*


Please, JE. Just let them hang out a little. They would be so good together. MERGE. CYa BAby!

*Oh the cute, it burns. Kitamitsu, you awesome attention whore. Kisumai, never ever leave me.

*Hasshi. oh Hasshi. I do not want to feel the big love for you already. But ever since I definitely saw the babyJin syndrome, I'm afraid I am very, very gone for you. Sigh.

*I cannot express to you how hilarious I find it that the tiniest person in JE struts out there like the biggest rockstar. If Chinen is the next Yamapi and Hasshi is the next Jin, Shintarou is like the fucking next Mic Jagger or something.

*The stage looks full again ^_^ It all comes full circle, you know? Shokura always makes me feel better about JE. Sure it's been kind of a tough year, in terms of rapid change and questionable choices, but you know, that's how new people get in there.

It's been a dark, uncertain, lonely winter. And I, for one, am ready for spring.
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