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Shokura 2008.03.09 Thoughts (w Caps)

As usual, have the Shokura Thoughts and 42 adorable screencaps.

Click on any cap to see the larger version. Feel free to use the caps for graphics/icons/whatever if you like.

*This is kind of the gayest opener ever, haha. MY TENSION IS NOT RAISED. But ABC is adorable, and i love the blue and silver.

*SHOOOOOON. you get your own bullet point. ILU. YOU SOUND GOOD. You kind of match ABC, again, and I WANT YOU TO JOIN THEM. But, aw, he looks so funny stranded in the middle of Hasshi's pre-unit there. Can poor Shoon please be in a unit with people roughly his age? Please? Just once?

*Koyama, that sweater. what. on earth. PLEASE DYE YOUR HAIR BACK. But on a more serious note, I am going to be heartbroken if these two leave the show for the new season. I love them hosting so much, and they're so good with the baby jrs, and oh, i just will cry. GOSEKI AGREES AWWWWWWWW.

*Mousie's New Unit Corner STARTO: I notice it goes kisumai-HASSHI/KAMEI/SANADA-abc, and not really anybody else in that sequence. hmmm. please i just need names. it's such a pain in the ass to call them the person a/b/c/x/y/z unit. PS HASSHI. stop being cute like baby jin because i am not supposed to love you yet. the fact that i already recognize your kanji = BAD SIGN.

that lineup is looking pretty intentional to me. just my two cents. good news = shoon is in! *keeps fingers crossed*

*Senga's getting a ton of airtime here, which isn't shocking since he's about to intro the theme (did he produce it or something?), but good for him. He's adorable. And it was nice to see something besides the yabu/yuta/hikaru intro, which I notice we've been moving away from. They're getting ready to graduate Shokura, I suppose. Which I want but...i just realized that makes me a little sad too. STOP GROWING UP EVERYBODY. MY HEART.

*unbelievably, I'm really starting to enjoy the 'I don't know any of these people!' medley every week. Here's a pretty plausible grouping to start with, although I realize you can't possibly tell from this cap who it is. I see a Taka-something, OOKAWA (haha, i love having a completely random favorite), Nakada, something-da, and then...takada? wow, okay, I hope they aren't a unit, cause the name smashes will be IMPOSSIBLE. okay, there's a better shot.

And then there's a bunch of people with Nakayama singing Garasu no Shounen, which is one of my favorite shokura songs. a bunch of the babies are tooling around back there in suits. This could be an okay unit, even though it includes that one international jr who I dislike immensely.

HASSHI. SINGING LIPS. HOW FAST CAN I SAY YES YES YES FUCK YES. omg his little grin. omg spin. OMG OMG OMG. DAMMIT I DONT LOVE YOU YET HASSHI. other people were involved, but i didn't see any of it, just Hasshi's sweet sweet grin.

musikologie and i are debating whether or not this is actually them singing (but pre-recorded because of the wind machine). She says yes, and I'm unsure, but if that's honestly Hasshi's voice, he already owns whatever tiny pieces of my soul are available to be had. OH MY GOD.

Seisun Amigo also killer, and i like the Jin/Kame/Yamapi comparison that is being made subtlely here, since this comes right after Hasshi with LIPS. Some of those red guys are going to get mixed into this unit, prolly, and I'm cool with that. 3's kind of a low JE number. (ALTHOUGH WE SHOULD TRY THAT.)

This is like the "all of mousapelli's favorite songs" medley, in all honesty, because Sakura Sake is my very very favorite Arashi song. Lots of jrs. Don't know anybody. But i do enjoy seeing tiny children in the worst costumes imaginable. It's like how JE weeds out the weak.

*there was a moment where I thought I picked out Reon, but it turns out it was just some kid who stole his haircut.

*I love the little interviews. Kamei talking about his mother's cake XD. I'd be totally okay with this grouping, btw. Also, I didn't catch that fourth kid's name, but HOLY CRAP. apparently I'll be learning it soon (Fujigaya wants his hair back, btw). Also ROTFL KOYAMA. AND NAKAMARU. "Kei-chan, we don't want to see that!" "What about YOU" "THATS IMPOSSIBLE" "you can't do it?" "I CAN'T"

this is completely inappropriate, but Kousaka reminds me of Sho from Coat West.

*Casey Anderson's rap is surprisingly good, lol. And Taiga isn't bad either. I guess they have to be since they are flagrantly in the mic jagger Shintarou unit.

*I've just had a thought while watching this part. Recently I've been wondering why these three are getting so much attention despite being so little, and I think...their unit will probably be the Y3 replacement unit. Ya-Ya-yah was always supposed to be the group with the young image (hence them cycling out members so much at the beginning), but that idea kind of fell by the wayside when the people themselves got popular. Now, I suppose, they're going to need a replacement.

I really hope that in 5-6 years I won't feel about these guys like I do about Y3 and have to go through this all over again D: D: D:

*I like H!S! and i even like their single, but I swear to god if i hear "jumping to my dream" on one more Shokura, I'm going to FREAK OUT. PLEASE GRADUATE, H!S!. Not even a repeat live of SU*RI*RU made up for it.

But, random typo wut:

*IPPUN FIGHTO. that's the first time i've ever understood the title of a game instantly! SHOON. SO FIERCE LOL. and adorable Goseki is everywhere I go today. Fujigaya's terrible hair is back! It's like he's making it terrible just for the game. WATARU'S DANCE BREAK ROTFL. CAN'T BREATHE.


seriously, this is the best game I've seen in like a million years. I'm CRYING as i type this and i've given up all hope of capping. YOKOO AND SHOON ARE ON THE GOOD DRUGS. and also Fujigaya is my favorite. Goseki is trying to cheat and Hikaru is pretending to yell at him while CHEATING MORE. SHOON POUTING. "stop, Shoon-kun, it's okay..."

I JUST HAVE NO WORDS FOR THIS WHOLE SEQUENCE. On top of everything else, Shoon's look of "you better GET HIM, yabu-kun" made my heart grow three sizes today. They know each other so well. such a perfect end to the game season. いつまでも~&hearts

ROTFL, is this how the season always ends? The winners do a song while the losers are forced to watch?! JE YOU HAVE REDEEMED YOURSELF. THIS IS GLORIOUS ps i want au fic where these are really the units.

*NewS~ aww, so cute in street clothes. Now get off my jr show, grownups. But I really do like Beautiful Eyes. Yamapi especially sounds gorgeous during it. And everybody is giggling about something XD perhaps it's the fact that Ryo seems to think this is a song which requires hipthrusts.

*WHO WILL BE THE POSTMAN IF THERE IS NO NAKAMARU. don't leeeeeeeeave me, Nakamaru D:

*New Kisumai song, Brand New Season! It's nice to have a sweet, happy love song after all the hardcore stuff they've been doing lately. It really feels like spring, naa~ Fujigaya and Kitayama sound terrific, so does everybody. I'll be happily waiting for the rip of this one~

*SNERK. I WANT AU MIXED UP UNIT FIC. NOW. Also, I think this is my very favorite ender. and also AAWWWWWWWWWW TOTTSU NIKA. Fujiie Taipi~ Question? ilusm. WHITE SUITS YES. Shoon and Yokoo seem to have bonded over their love of cracktastic dancing.

This episode was a lot of fun, and made me happy through and through. I'm ready for spring! Even though next month there might be some changes and that's scary, I'm going to focus on the promise of new faces, new talent, and new units (PLEASE GIVE THE YAMASHITA UNITS OKAY?).

To all my no-longer-jrs who are graduating, omedettou~

and to all the new faces, ganbatte~

and to everybody who is staying right where they are, I'm looking forward to saying 'osashiburi desu~' in April!
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