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Pictures of the Tegomassu!

Here, as promised, are the new babies! They are quarantined in my room for the next three weeks, but I think Atobe and Ohtori know that something is up anyway. They seem suspicious and plainly intend to nap until the change is over.

Just so you don't forget what the other ones look like. This is the last picture I have with Shishido in.

Atobe and Ohtori in their usual positions.

Atobe, despite his old age, remains largely the same as in his attention-whoring youth.

what you're all here for: BABIES. Masuda is on top here, and Tegoshi is hiding.

Despite getting them to be pretty identical, I can actually tell them apart: Masuda has the little dot white spot.

And Tegoshi's white spot is more of a checkmark. They're so tiny!

Tegoshi has fuzziest belly!

It's like synchronized...being rats.


Massu has the squintier eyes!

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