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Random episodes of Avatar continues to crack me up relentlessly. "Didn't your cousin Chang die of Pensapox?!"

Weirdly, for once I am actually shipping the main, canonic het pairing, even though Nickelodeon is like rubbing my face in it at every turn, which usually turns me off. honestly, though, what I'm really hoping for is that Aang and Zuko become best friends and sneak into the Fire Nation together to overthrow Zuko's father and then Zuko gets the throne and reforms the Fire Nation from the inside out, and have I mentioned that he and Aang are best friends! I think this is a genius idea.

I also want Zuko to join the group and travel around with them because I'm really sure that he and Sokka would drive each other batshit insane, and then I could ship them. ANGST. UST. And in the end Sokka becomes Zuko's advisor and everybody lives happily ever after.

HAVE I MENTIONED THAT AANG AND ZUKO ARE BEST FRIENDS. i'm not sure why I'm so convinced this needs to happen. BUT OH I AM. *wantssssssss*

I did aaaaall my chores today! Like a grown up! And I have the rat cages kind of near each other so they can start smelling each other and maybe get used to the idea that there are other rats living here. But actually Atobe is just lying in the hammock, glaring at the babies as they caper cutely about.

I think he understands that compared to them, he looks like Jabba the Hutt.
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