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Title: Wish You Were Here [Sho/Hikaru]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for porn stars doing what they do best.
Summary: Sho isn't feeling so hot during the shooting of I Love Hot 2. Kai, Shun, Nagi, and especially Hikaru help.
AN: For Jemz's one-hour Coat West porn challenge. Jemz's fic here.

Wish You Were Here

Sho was sprawled out across his futon when Kai came in, his yukata tied loosely and his hair still damp from the onsen. He was tapping out a text message, and he barely looked up as Kai knelt down next to Nagi's bag and started rifling around in it for something.

"Hikaru-kun?" Kai asked, startling Sho into looking up, and Kai was grinning at him when Sho's brain finally worked out the rest of his question.

"Yeah," Sho said, adding a last emoticon and then hitting send with a flourish. "He sent me a mail during his shoot, but I was filming, so I'm just sending him one back now."

"I miss shooting with him. But he likes modeling, right?" Kai asked, sitting down on the futon next to Sho.

"He does." Sho looked at the phone a few seconds longer, as though he could see through to Hikaru on the other end. Then he shook himself a little and turned to nudge Kai's shoulder with his own. "If you miss him, you could always mail him yourself to ask how he's doing."

"I could just ask you, right?" Kai nudged Sho back, grinning harder. "Since you're his boyfriend."

"His what?!" Sho spluttered, laughing. "I am not! We're just friends!"

"Mmhmm." Kai tilted his head. "Sure, Sho-kun. I just figured, now that the job isn't in the way anymore…maa, Sho-kun just isn't very subtle, is all."

"What's that supposed to mean!" Sho demanded, but just then Nagi stuck his head in the door to call them for dinner, Shun's head appearing over his shoulder, and Kai hopped up like his ass was on fire. Sho followed more slowly, grumbling, "Talk about subtle…"

"Are the kouhai tormenting you, Sho-kun?" Nagi asked, slinging an arm around Sho's shoulders, and Sho heaved a long-suffering sigh in reply, but before he could say anything, his phone chirped with an incoming mail, and Nagi raised an eyebrow. "Ah, say hello to Hi-chan for me."

"Shut up, it could be anybody," Sho replied, ducking out from under Nagi's arm, but Nagi just laughed and said to tell Hikaru that they missed him.

Maybe it was the teasing, and maybe it was the cold that Sho was failing to fight off, but Sho found himself missing Hikaru heavily as the shoot wore on. It wasn't by any means his first time filming without Hikaru, or even the first time since Hikaru had confessed that he was taking a break, but Sho found his thoughts drifting more often than usual. Hikaru would really love the onsen, he thought as he climbed in to squish between Nagi and Kai in the small space, and Hikaru would have stuffed himself silly at dinner with all the local delicacies.

"It's the cold medicine," he insisted when Nagi asked him where his brain was as they crawled into their futons for the night. But when the camera crew snuck in for their usual early morning wake-up, the pillow beside Sho was conspicuously devoid of Hikaru's bed-headed hair spikes, and that combined with the pounding of his head from the cold was almost enough for Sho to refuse to crawl out of blankets for the rest of the weekend. In the end, Nagi only managed to coax him out by promising he could extract his revenge from the kouhai.

By the end of the weekend, Sho was more than ready to go home, especially since Hikaru had been slow to answer his mails the night before, and now hadn't answered any that morning.

"Ne, Sho-kun!" Kai exclaimed, sticking his head in the room just as Sho was trying to toss all his things in his bag while rubbing his head at the same time. Shun was right behind him, both of them grinning like idiots. "I think there's something you might want to see in the lobby!"

"What?" Sho asked, grumpy and just wanting to be left alone, but Kai and Shun came in and dragged Sho out of the room, despite his protests and dragging his feet.

He was more than a little shocked when he got to the lobby and found Nagi standing next to an up and coming Men's Egg model who was signing in at the front desk, duffle bag slung over his shoulder.

"Yo," Hikaru said when he caught sight of Sho, and he flashed Sho a tired grin as he reached up to push his huge sunglasses up onto his head. Sho's mouth worked for a moment, and Hikaru's grin widened. "I stay up all night getting here and I don't even get a hello?"

"HI," Sho blurted, making Kai, Shun, and Nagi all snicker. "I mean, what…how…"

"You told me to send him a mail," Kai said, looking smug, but the smirk turned to an innocent smile when Sho fixed him with a stare.

"We're keeping your room for an extra night, Sho-kun," Hikaru said, then he paused just before signing the register, pen poised above the paper. "That is, if it's okay with you."

"Of course it's fine with him," Nagi said dismissively, reaching down to put his hand over Hikaru's and force him to scribble his name. Then he shoved Hikaru towards Sho. "We're heading out, but you two enjoy your vacation~"

And somehow Sho found himself back up in his room, Nagi and the others gone, and Hikaru dropping his bag on the floor and stretching with his arms over his head. Sho was still confused, and still blaming the cold medicine, but he had no objection at all when Hikaru started stripping off his clothes and reached for his yukata, demanding that Sho show him everything the hotel had to offer.

And just as Sho had expected, Hikaru did love the onsen, moaning happily as the heat sank into his muscles and bumping knees against Sho's. And he did stuff himself silly at dinner, stealing bits of Sho's food and feeding Sho pieces of his own, forcing more hot tea on Sho every time Sho so much as sniffled.

And finally in the end, when Sho collapsed in his futon, he wasn't surprised at all when Hikaru tumbled right in after him, wrapping Sho's arms around his waist before wrapping his own arms around Sho's neck.

"Kai-kun says I'm not very subtle," Sho murmured, brushing his nose along the edge of Hikaru's jaw and enjoying Hikaru's shiver.

"I just figured," Hikaru tightened his grip and skimming fingertips down Sho's spine, "since now the job isn't in the way any more…"

Sho cut him off with a kiss, rolling them over so that he was pressing Hikaru down into the soft futon, and Hikaru responded enthusiastically, hooking a leg around Sho's knee and rocking up into him. When they broke apart for air and to fumble their yukata out of the way, Sho laughed against Hikaru's ear, making Hikaru's squirm.

"I've seen some of your magazine shoots, you know," he said.

"Oh?" Hikaru answered vaguely, far more interested in undoing whatever knot Sho had managed to tangle his yukata tie in.

"You look a lot different with clothes on," Sho teased, and Hikaru gave a bark of laughter before shoving him over onto his back and climbing on top, rolling his hips against Sho's.

"We all know you're more comfortable with me like this, Sho-kun," he said, and both of them laughed, but when Hikaru lifted his hips to get Sho more squarely underneath him, Sho reached up to grab his wrist, stopping him.

"Can we…" Sho shifted and spread his legs so that Hikaru slipped in between them, legs still hooked over Sho's thighs and butt hitting the futon with a soft thump. Sho glanced to the side as he canted his hips up. "I missed you, ne."

Hikaru's answer was to fall on Sho's chest for a fierce kiss and then they both scrabbled for the lube and the condoms, getting in each other's way and tangling fingers until Hikaru was sliding into Sho, slow and deep, and having to hold Sho's hips down to keep them still.

"Kai's been teaching you bad habits," Hikaru growled.

"You have no idea," Sho answered breathlessly, "I'll show you more of them if you want," and then Hikaru snapped his hips and drove all the air out of Sho's lungs, but Sho didn't think he was using the air for anything anyway, and he reached up to yank Hikaru down for another messy kiss and tangled his fingers over top of Hikaru's on his cock.

Afterwards, Sho was roused out of the doze he had fallen into on Hikaru's chest by the chirp of his phone. He cracked an eye as Hikaru shifted, but made no move to do anything but watch as Hikaru reached over to fish Sho's phone out of the tangle of clothing and blankets that would have been Hikaru's bed had he intended to sleep anywhere but in Sho's.

"It's Kai-kun," Hikaru announced, and Sho grunted and closed his eyes again. "He wants to know if you've stopped missing me yet?"

"I'll have to get back to him on that," Sho yawned, and then reached up to knock the phone out of Hikaru's hand.

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…