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a neopets update

I'm saving up for a Darigan Paint Brush for my Eyrie, and it is slow going. Let me tell you, it is not for want of time spent on the site. Not to mention that the damn thing doubled in price at the Hidden Tower, so I'm barely halfway there. *grumbles*

I'm never going to look cool...

I mean really, i earn damn near 20k a day in games, it shouldn't take me two months to get anything. Realizing that this is going to take awhile, I have turned to the fake stockmarket, which is kicking my ass in a manner very reminiscent of Christina and the Nokia disaster.

I got an email yesterday that said I recommended somebody to neopets and was getting 100 NP for it. Thanks, anonymous person. Anybody want to fess up?

I also had two people request to be my neofriends today within minutes of each other, which i found strange. One of them has a pet named Sesshomaru, ironic because I was watching Inuyasha right that second. I friended neither of them, since I have no idea who they are.
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