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my art teacher is explaining the submission guidelines for our online portfolios AGAIN. for the eight MILLIONTH time. Hug me.

give mousapelli more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

and also, from musesfool via maybethemoon (whose LJ I have never read but whose name I love)

One True Pairing Ship

Canon Ship

"If this happens (in canon) I'll stab my eyes out with a spork" Ship:
Hermione/Harry. I hate it.
I'll be heartbroken if there is Remus/Tonks, but I won't damage myself over it

"You are one sick bastard" 'Ship:
the Marauder Beastiality is a big no-go for me, in any form (haha).
Weasley ships other than twincest, ESP if Molly is involved.

"I dabble a little" Ship:
Harry/Terry (it had it's moment and now it's fading away again)
James/any other Marauder (he experimented, you know he did)

"It's like a car crash" Ship:
Snape/Lucius (and triply for Snape/Lucius/Harry)
Sirius/anybody he's immediately related to (the people who dare this usually do it really well, and it's all about power games, but I want to scratch out my eyes when I'm done)

"Tickles my fancy but not sold quite yet" Ship:
Regulus/Wormtail (i think I'm pioneering this)

"Makes no canon sense but why the hell not" Ship:
Remus/Sirius/Harry (it's not a pair, but feh)

"Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" Ship:
Hermione/most people actually. She's too busy studying to be getting it on with all these people.

"When all is said and done" 'Ship:
Remus/Sirius, no contest. James/Lily doesn't have as much canon support as these two (discounting Harry's existence), and aren't half as hot.
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