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Shokura 2008.04.06 Thoughts and Caps

Fewer caps than usual this week, but have a summary anyhow.

I'd be lying if i said I didn't feel a huge wave of relief to see this Shokura start with Nakamaru and Koyama right out in front. NEVER LEAVE ME. Also, that song name = awesome. It's gonna be a good season, folks.

ABC's part of the song = gloriously dirty, and Kisumai has had some hair changes but looks awesome. And i really liked seeing a bunch of the new jrs get named in the intros, in all the places HS used to be.

I love Hasshi, but we'll come back to that. I thought i'd be irritated by Tackey's reappearance after just being on, but honestly, it was a fun way to start, with all the juniors behind him doing that ridiculous flaily dance. Tackey's love for the jrs and all his kouhai makes me happy.

Hasshi = totally adorable, and also all over the place. Again I say, how quickly can I say yes to this? Although i am sad that Takei got himself suspended, because i thought that trio would be totally hot.

Hasshi surrounded by tiny baby jrs = genius.

Shoon is awesome and sweet-voiced as always, and it was really good to see him have a longish solo again. Although of all the costumes they could have unearthed, that one? yikes. I really really want to hear BAD*NICE again, just to put that out there.

I loved the Happiness cover. OH JE, you really do love me! Somebody write me fic where Shoon befriends Hasshi because he reminds Shoon so much of Jin.

The HS corner was totally cool by me, because they weren't all throughout the medley and the intro, and also, I really like those four. And I like their street-clothy sort of costumes. It's not black goat/white goat, but if they keep doing the mail, i guess I'll be okay with that.

For whatever reason, Yuto seems way more confident than usual during this segment, he doesn't have that awkwardness that I associate with him. But then when HS performs, he's back to normal. weird.

I like Chance to Change just fine, the dance isn't half as irritating as UMP, and i like the way they are kind of experimenting with voice pairings. Plus Chinen gets a lot of camera time. And I like the way the groups are starting to split a little. They can't do that fast enough in my opinion.

Boutakon budokan Tackey's silly unit is cute in their little white suits, but if they're going to keep being on, they need a new song or something. I mean, Tackey is on so it makes sense, but. Also, Tackey's got the most Japanese pronunciation of "Now and Forever" in the universe, which is adorable.

Today's game is "Answer random questions about Tackey" but it was more reasonable than those kinds of games sometimes are, and I was entertained. The first two questions, however, involved what Tackey likes best to eat, and what Tackey ate yesterday, respectively. Nikaido's answer both times: Imai Tsubasa.

Oh Nika. That's how you got to be my favorite. The best part is Koyama's "THAT'S NOT SOMETHING YOU EAT" because only Koyama could possibly be that innocent. Kei-chan~♥

Parallel World is a hot song as usual, and Peroxidepest17 and I have been bemoaning the fact that Question? is never going to debut, not because they aren't good enough, but because they play for every single other unit, so everybody needs them to stay jrs.

Jr ni Q is, i think which kanji people like in their name best? Goseki takes the easy way out (he picks ichi if you can't see it in the cap), and have I mentioned that he is almost as adorable as Tottsu lately?

During the Kitayama/Fujigaya interview, Fujigaya's hair is out of control again (who is letting him do that, seriously), but then something horrifying comes out!

the best part is the way Fujigaya tries to keep his cute idol smile pasted on when he very clearly wants to murder somebody. POOR TAIPI. then they whip out one of Nakamaru's old pictures too, which Koyama enjoys way too much, but Maru takes in good humor.

I still dislike Sayonara Box, although i can't really say why. I think it's the puppet thing. ABC sounds vocally stronger lately, which makes me very happy. And I like these costumes too (esp tottsu's skirt). GANBATTE BOYS. Kawai can rap to me anytime, yo.

Brand New Season is such a sweet little song, and i like the silver suits quite a bit. Kisumai has some questionable hair going on (Nika and Yokoo I'm looking at you)), but like i said last week, this song is so much like spring, I love it. And really, there's nothing I love more than Fujigaya and Kitayama's voices, so pretty.

I like Crazy Rainbow, but what i really liked was how it was sort of...unrehearsed looking? like they just sort of had a couple huge jr practices where everybody bumbled through it and pushed each other around and had a great time, especially the little ones.

Because really, that's what i think Shokura is all about, everybody all together having a good time, senpai and kouhai, jr and debuted, people who've been in for ten years right next to people who've been in ten minutes.

I'd watch 23 more Shokura just like this and be a happy, happy fangirl.

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