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news from the neopets front

As the people who don't know me in real life may not have heard yet, i have something of a neopet problem. I have 15 pets currently. If you know about neopets, you will know this is actually illegal, and I have to have four accounts to do it.

intros to my insanity aside, one of my pets has recently undergone a life change. Wintyrgreen used to look like this:

I'm so cute and fuzzy and harmless...

now, he looks like this:


Yup, he's a TRANSPECIED PET! I'm trying to be supportive of his new lifestyle...This makes his name "wintyrgreen" rather stupid, and his petpet, the pink bluna, well nigh totally ridiculous, but he seems happy enough.

In other news, I fixed up the images of two of my other pets:

My L&O shirt is sooo cute ;)

I love my little guys...anybody else into neopets?
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