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Title: Kiss Ten: The Blue of the Bluest Sky [Jun/Aiba]
Rating/Warnings: PG for Ohno's internet research.
Summary: Aiba's brought the hay fever on himself this time.
AN: For 26 Birthday Kisses, Kiss Ten: Surprise Kiss.

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Kiss Ten: The Blue of the Bluest Sky

It's springtime in Tokyo. Sakura are blooming, birds are singing, girls are wearing short skirts, and everyone is smiling, walking around with no coats and their faces tilted up to the sun like it's a long-lost friend.

Aiba Masaki is utterly miserable.

"I warned you," Jun sighs, setting a new box of tissues in front of his red-nosed, watery-eyed bandmate. "What did I tell you?"

"But everybody else was frolicking!" Aiba whined piteously. "Captain and Sho and Nino got to frolic! The flowers were so pretty and the kids were so cute!"

"You can frolic in the summer, when hay fever season is over," Jun admonishes. "Until then, no more gardening with grade-schoolers segments, I don't care how pretty the flowers are or how tiny the children are. Got it?"

"Yeeeeees," Aiba sighs, laying his head down on the table and sniffling until Jun relents with the told-you-so looks and offers to buy him takeout hot and sour.

Nothing Aiba tries seems to make it any better over the next few days, Aiba's bout of enthusiastic gardening setting off an allergic reaction that modern medicine seems powerless to stop.

He wears masks, even though that just makes sneezing really gross. He takes long, steamy showers, but the relief only lasts as long as his face is actually underwater, which isn't any less problematic from a breathing standpoint. He tries every over-the-counter drug known to man, but only manages to prove that taking something made out of caffeine and something made out of histamine at the same time only ends up with you feeling exactly the same as when you started.

It would make a great experiment, Aiba thinks morosely while he tries not to rub at his itchy eyes, and he'll think about that more when it doesn't feel like his brain is swelling up to twice the size of his skull.

The others try to help out too, of course, especially after a normal practice leaves Aiba doubled over, wheezing and seeing spots. Ohno starts internet researching and after reading several articles about miracle plants in the rainforest, begins offering Aiba a plethora of untested teas.

It doesn't help really, but Aiba does enjoy the process of it.

Sho, more practically, brings Aiba cool clothes to put over his eyes and then strokes Aiba's hair away from Aiba's face while Aiba leans back in his chair. The cloth is even more temporary than Ohno's tea, but it feels good while it lasts, and Sho's quiet attention feels even better.

"You're stressing Oh-chan out," Nino informs Aiba seriously, and Aiba hangs his head. "We're going to have to try something drastic."

And that's how Aiba finds himself hanging off the edge of the couch next to Nino so that his nose can't drip, their feet thrown over the back and heads dangling off the cushions. It makes Aiba's head pound even worse as all the blood rushes towards it, but he can't help but giggle at Nino's red face and the way his hair billows down from his head like a weird ocean plant (the kind that Ohno's been making him tea out of).

As nice as his bandmates' concern is, Aiba heaves a sigh of relief when he arrives at the dressing room a little early and finds the room empty. All he really wants is to have a few moments of peace and quiet, and maybe catch a tiny nap because he's feeling kind of woozy from all the medicines and the teas.

He's just gotten good and settled on the couch, the throw pillow bunched under his neck in the right way, eyes closed peacefully, when suddenly a heavy weight lands right on his stomach and lips are pressed against his, muffling his shriek. Aiba's eyes fly open, and he finds Jun sprawled over him.

"Surprise!" Jun says when he pulls back, eyeing Aiba critically. "Are you cured?"

Aiba sneezes in Jun's face.

"That only works on hiccups, Jun-chan," Aiba says thickly, but he giggles too and wraps his arms around Jun's neck. "But maybe we ought to test it for off-label usage?"

"Surprise," Jun murmurs agreeably, just before Aiba seals their lips together again.

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