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Title: Kiss Twelve: Fire Flower [Yonemura/Fujiie]
Rating/Warnings: PG for sickening pet names.
Summary: Yonemura wants a peaceful day off. Fujiie has other plans.
AN: for 26 Birthday Kisses, Kiss Twelve: Goodnight Kiss.

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Kiss Twelve: Fire Flower

Not that Yonemura doesn't love his bandmates, but as their first day off in nearly three weeks approaches, he's looking forward more than a little to spending the day by himself, sleeping or reading a book or maybe watching every single episode of Team Medical Dragon in order until his eyes bleed.

It's a short-lived plan, because the day before their vacation, Fujiie turns to Yonemura as they are changing, and he's already got the big eyes and the pout in place before he ever even opens his mouth.

And that's how Yonemura finds himself on the Shinkansen at the crack of dawn on his day off, heading to an early summer festival in Osaka, Fujiie out cold and drooling on his shoulder.

Fujiie does look cute in a yukata, Yonemura has to admit, and then he contents himself with watching the rolling green of the rice paddies and the blue of the ocean out the window.

It's beautiful when they get off the train, the heat of the day still a few hours away, but the sky is brilliant blue and the sun is warm on their faces. They spend a little while ambling through side streets before they actually find the festival, window-shopping. When the sun does get a little too high for comfort, they stop to cool off in a crepe shop, Fujiie talking Yonemura into ordering a strange concoction of raspberry and guava and then eating half of it anyway.

Yonemura notes in an undertone that he thinks the girl working the counter might recognize them, and Fujiie proceeds to use Yonemura's name as loudly and as often as he can for the next few minutes, while the girl's cheeks turn bright pink. Yonemura takes pity on her by asking her to take a picture of them with his phone; Fujiie pickpockets Yonemura for the phone as they're getting up and then sets the picture as his wallpaper.

The festival is bustling with people when they get there, brightly-decorated stalls offering a innumerable amount of games and food, of which it seems to be Fujiie's plan to try every single one. Fujiie beats him mercilessly at dart-throwing and then teases him equally mercilessly; Yonemura wins back his honor by catching the biggest, brightest goldfish in the pool and then presenting it as a present so that Fujiie has to hold the bag for the rest of the day.

"That just means you'll have to feed me since my hands are full," Fujiie shrugs, grinning slyly. "I think I'll name him Yone-chan."

At the takoyaki stand, Yonemura does indeed have to offer the toothpicked balls for Fujiie to nibble delicately, and he exchanges a long-suffering look with a teenager standing nearby, whose pink-kimonoed girlfriend is doing the exact same thing while holding a very familiar looking goldfish bag.

Hot and tired from walking around all day, it's a relief when the sun finally starts to set, and even Fujiie seems to be ready to find a good spot to settle down for the sunset and the consequent fireworks. They find a spot in the grass that looks like it will have a decent view, the ground still warm from the sun.

They've been sitting for less than five minutes when Fujiie asks if Yonemura didn't think the fruit smoothies at one of those last stands looked tasty and refreshing, especially the raspberry and guava ones?

"Don't worry," Fujiie smiles sweetly. "Yone-chan and I will save the seats."

Yonemura gets up with only a small sigh; he knows when he's beaten. And the raspberry/guava combination is even growing on him, or maybe it's the way Fujiie curls close against his side to share the straw with him.

He's pretty cute after all, Yonemura thinks to himself as the fireworks light up Fujiie's face in reds and golds and catch in the highlights of his hair.

They walk back to the train slowly, exhausted and full, on the excuse that they want to miss the crowd. What they actually end up almost missing is the last train, and they dash onto it just as the doors are slipping shut, tripping over each other and laughing. This time it's Yonemura who falls asleep on Fujiie's shoulder, lulled by the rock of the train and Fujiie humming "Parallel World" softly.

He wakes to Fujiie poking his forehead lightly and murmuring, "Our stop." Yonemura stands and stretches, head fuzzy with sleep, and follows Fujiie off, the whole way out of the station, even though he should have caught the connecting train to his own station. He scrubs at his eyes and grumbles at Fujiie for letting him do it, but Fujiie just laughs and loops his arm through Yonemura's before tilting his head back to ask to be walked home.

So Yonemura ends up walking Fujiie the whole way home, and stands awkwardly on Fujiie's doorstep while Fujiie digs his keys out and fumbles the lock open, yawning cutely.

"Well, Yone-chan," Fujiie says as he pushes the door open, "I guess we'd better get inside and go to bed, ne?"

"Goodnight then," Yonemura says politely, and is stepping off the porch to do the same when Fujiie's laughter makes him turn back around, eyebrow raised.

Fujiie is leaning against the doorjamb, hand outstretched, the light from inside catching in the highlights of his hair. "I wasn't talking to the fish, Yone-chan."

Yonemura grins and takes Fujiie's hand, letting Fujiie pull him close and complying willingly when Fujiie tilts his head up for a kiss.

They don't make it inside for a while, Yonemura pressing Fujiie up against the door, fingers smoothing over the warm cotton of Fujiie's yukata, tasting the way the fireworks lit up Fujiie's face in reds and golds.

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