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Title: Kiss Sixteen: Faster Than You Know [Aiba/Ohno]
Rating/Warnings: G for Arashi.
Summary: Aiba likes concert days the best.
AN: for 26 Birthday Kisses, Kiss Sixteen: Hello Kiss. Jemz wanted Ohno/Aiba, and ISN'T THIS OVER YET OMG. SO TIRED.

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Kiss Sixteen: Faster Than You Know

Aiba thinks concert days are the most fun, but they're also the busiest. On concert days, Aiba's alarm goes off when it's barely light outside. He stays in bed for a bit yet, though, yawning and trying to stretch the stiffness from the day before out of his muscles.

It's even okay if he falls back to sleep for a few minutes, because Sho will call to make sure he's awake, or sometimes Jun to ask what Aiba wants from the combini. Aiba only needs a few minutes to hop in the shower and throw some clothes on, anyway. After taking a moment to grab the book that Nino wants to borrow and the jacket that Jun left the other night, Aiba heads out.

Everyone's there already when he gets to the venue, even though he's more or less on time, and Sho shoves them along to the recap of the previous day's footage, Jun pushing a carton of coffee milk into Aiba's hands as Nino takes the book out of them while guiding an iPod-occupied Ohno.

After the recap, they are shuffled off to practice to fix the few minor issues, and then to the vocal coach to make sure that no one is straining their voice and will end up mute halfway through the tour. By the time that's over, stylists have arrived, and all five of them have to sneak bites of lunch from the courtesy table in between being blow-dried and sprayed and feathered.

"It sounds like a punishment when you say it like that," Aiba comments with a full mouth. "A punishment for something horrible."

"Who says it isn't?" Nino demands, and then somebody yells for them from two different directions, and they both shove another handful of crackers in their mouths before shuffling off.

Then there's mic tests and costumes and mark re-taping, and in between Aiba practices one of the drive-bys that he and Jun have been playing up recently, listens to the kouhai's new single on Ohno's iPod, and takes a ten-minute nap on Sho's lap.

Before Aiba knows it, it's the five-minute call, and then they are running out under the lights, the screams of the audience drowning out the music until his headmic kicks in, and he knows that he's grinning just as hard as Jun and Sho on either side of him.

The first three songs seem to go by in an instant, and when they run off to start the costume change, Aiba finds himself face-to-face with a stage-breathless Ohno, and realizes that they haven't really talked all day yet.

He smiles and opens his mouth, but before he can say anything, Ohno leans over to kiss Aiba. It only lasts a second because of the way they are both panting from adrenaline, but they grin at each other as they pull back and start tugging clothing on and off.

"Good morning, Aiba-chan," Ohno says.

"Morning, Captain," Aiba answers sweetly, and they still have thirty seconds of break left, so he leans in half-dressed to wish Ohno good afternoon and good evening as well.

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