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It's Like Prince Alexi Learns To Shave His Legs

okay, so, do not EVER EVER EVER buy the sally hanson tub of green leg-hair-removing gel? for any of the following reasons:

1. It isn't like it worked well in the first place.

2. After two days, any time i got goosebumps, like i sneezed or got a chill, every pore on my legs burned like crazy for a second.

3. Now that I have tried to shave (see point 1) after waiting about three weeks to let my legs gets over themselves, I am now bleeding from like half the pores on my legs, in that razor-cut-that-won't-stop-bleeding way.

Also, there a bunch of little hairs that you can't feel but I can see? like i guess the skin must have...healed over them? Should I do something about them? Hygiene = unknowledgeable mousie.

And now, for a nap in the sun! Because i am outside where i can bleed on things. My birthday is tomorrow, YAY~
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