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Title: Kiss Twenty-Five: The Second Hand Will Catch Us [Kawai/Goseki]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Totsuka and all the senpai behind the costume rack.
Summary: Kawai thinks Goseki should take one for the team during Countdown.
AN: For 26 Birthday Kisses, Kiss Twenty-Five: New Year's Kiss. You can have this one early since tomorrow's another crazy day.
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Kiss Twenty-Five: The Second Hand Will Catch Us

"I think this belongs to you," Kitayama says dryly, just before he shoves Kawai into A.B.C.'s dressing room and then slams the door behind him.

Kawai shrugs sheepishly. The Kis-My-Ft2 dressing room is always the most fun after all.

"Just like Fumi-chan," Totsuka sighs, but he can't quite keep all of his smile off as he adds, "Honestly, can't you try and keep yourself contained even for Countdown, hmm? As much as I like you embarrassing us in front of every single senpai."

"Oh, you love it," Kawai says dismissively. "Besides, you aren't really one to lecture me about inter-group mingling when I saw you embarrassing us in front of Koichi-senpai behind the costume rack not a half an hour ago."

Above Tsukada and Goseki's snickers, Totsuka protests stiffly that Koichi-senpai hardly counted as all the senpai no matter how awesome he was.

"So," Kawai says as he plops down on the couch, casually elbowing aside Tsukada and Goseki to sit between them, "I guess that means a New Year's kiss it out, hm? If we aren't supposed to publicly embarrass ourselves."

"And just who do you think is giving you a New Year's kiss?" Tsukada enquires, elbowing Kawai back, and starting a girly slapfight that ends when Tsukada shoves Kawai back against Goseki, crushing him against the arm of the couch and making him give an "EEEEEE" like a startled squeeze toy.

"Well, Totsuka's already given his away," Kawai says, then adds thoughtfully, "although I'm not sure it counts if it's not on the lips."

"THAT'S A DIRTY LIE," Totsuka informs them. They ignore him.

"I'm not kissing you," Tsukada declares. "Not when you've been hanging around disreputably in everybody else's dressing room. Who knows where you've been!"

"Kitayama, I'd bet," Totsuka put in his two cents. "'Maybe Miyata. Probably even Nikaido and Senga, possibly at the same time, you cradle-robbing trollop."

"You think a trollop is something you eat on Valentine's Day," Kawai shoots back easily. He turns to Goseki. "I guess that leaves you, Gocchi. You'll have to take one for the team."

"What?" Goseki shoves at Kawai, but Kawai drapes his arm heavily around Goseki's shoulders. "No way!"

"Protect your virtue, Goseki!" Totsuka hollers, diving in to help pull Kawai away as Kawai leans in with an exaggerated pucker, and Goseki is crushed against the side of the couch again, kicking and flailing.

"He doesn't have any more virtue than the rest of us!" Kawai insists. "Just give it up already!"

"No!" Goseki wails, laughing, but fending Kawai off as though he's serious.

They're still in a squirming heap when Yara-senpai comes to pound on the door and tell them they have five minutes, and as soon as his head appears around the door, Tsukada hops up like he's on a spring. Kawai and Goseki just roll their eyes at each other, but Totsuka hops up too, because the fringe of his sleeve has gotten caught on one of Tsukada's buttons, so when Tsukada trails Yara out of the room like a puppy trotting at his heels, Totsuka is forced to trot right along with him.

"We should go too," Goseki says quickly, scrambling out from under Kawai, leaving Kawai blinking.

"Uh, okay," he agrees, and Goseki doesn't meet his eyes as they head out to follow the others.

So Kawai is even more bewildered when they are waiting in the wings for their cue, hanging around one of those wheeled metal things the senpai will end up riding all around in, when Goseki swings himself around the corner of it to face Kawai, and then kisses him sweet and square on the mouth.

"Wh-what?" Kawai asks when Goseki pulls away, reaching up to touch his lips with his fingers. "But I thought you…"

"I just didn't want an audience," Goseki shrugs with a smile. "Congratulations on the new year, Fumi-chan."

"Congratulations on the new year," Kawai answers properly, because he can't embarrass them in front of the all the senpai with his bad manners.

He'd rather do it by getting back at Goseki when he's sure the big screen is squarely focused on them, anyway.

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