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JE Kiss Drabblethon!

Now that the whole birthday thing is over and posted, I thought I'd share the prompts that I had so much fun with over the course of the month, so that you can have fun with them too!

So, I present:

The JE Kiss Drabblethon!

The Prompts

1. hello kiss
2. goodbye kiss
3. first kiss
4. good luck kiss
5. kiss on the cheek
6. happy birthday kiss
7. true love's kiss
8. congratulations kiss
9. I'm sorry kiss
10. surprise kiss
11. morning after kiss
12. drunk kiss
13. goodnight kiss
14. good morning kiss
15. kiss and make it better
16. French kiss
17. new year's kiss
18. melty kiss
19. kiss under the mistletoe
20. kiss on the hand
21. sealed with a kiss
22. kiss on the forehead
23. I forgive you kiss
24. welcome home kiss
25. blown kiss
26. screen kiss

One to grow on: Pick any kind of kiss I've forgotten!

How to Play
1. Pick a prompt
2. Choose your favorite JE pairing
3. Write a drabble/ficlet/fic/haiku/etc which hopefully involves people enacting the particular sort of kiss that you chose
4. Give it a pretentious title from some song lyrics (optional BUT MOUSIE DOES IT)
5. Post in the comments

I'll post a sum-up of everything that's occurred in about a week.

Feel free to pimp this! All comers are welcome!
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