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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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Ollies Gives You Dinner AND A Show

At dinner at the noodle place, my mother and I experienced the CUTEST WAITER ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH OH GOD. He was ridiculously tall and thin, and he had the most hilariously Jpop hair, all spiked up in every direction.

I totally flagged him down to ask for unnecessary things. And because Mousie = not subtle, I took a picture of him with my phone (which I'm kind of positive he caught me doing). Sorry for the glare and the blur and stuff, the restaurant was dark.

You get the idea, only WAY cuter in person, because in the grand tradition of hot asian boys everywhere, the waiter didn't cap particularly well. It seems that he's stolen all of his hot from DBSK (scan by konzatsu), because impossible as it seems, they all look terrible right now.

ETA: because i forgot how awesomely appropriate this icon is.
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