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Shounen Club 2008.05.04 Screencaps and Thoughts

After a few weeks hiatus, we return to normal! Have a bunch of caps and thoughts while I wait for Rain to utterly pwn Stephen Colbert on his show.

Shounen Club 2008.05.04 Screencaps and Thoughts

First of all, even though I love ABC and Kisumai like the burning, if this were to be a debuted unit in a couple of years, i would totally be okay with that. Especially if Shoon gets to lurk in the background in that red suit.

Have some more proto-units, including the infamous Shintarou/Taiga unit with some added tester guys, and also the Ookawa unit, where two of them have already decided to declare their besto furendo love for each other in the hopes of not being split between two units.

Kisumai cuddling the teensy jrs = OH GOD SO CUTE. Also, it's like Koyama is purposely trying to have the most heinous pink sweater imaginable every single week. Nakamaru, on the other hand, seems to have had his saturation turned way down.

In the background of this, Kawai, Tottsu, Fujigaya and Kitayama engage in some competitive junior snuggling which i didn't bother to cap but no doubt will cement their unitability with Johnny-sacho.

Also, I'm more than a little okay with HS7 being the guest, because it means they are about to graduate off. HEY LOOK ITS MY FAVORITE. Also, Chinen, holy crap!! And are we all in agreement that Yamada knows exactly what he's doing and we're all screwed? Yes?

Lol, who knew I would ever miss this song? Although I feel a little :| about the fact that it's not the real HS7 singing it. Ah well, 3/5 isn't bad. Yuto sounds a little painful and still looks awkward as hell. I hope that poor kid finishes his growth spurt soon and possibly gets some lessons from Yabu on looking more like he thinks he is the sex.

Awww, they all voted Chinen as the most genki! i think he's going to have an awesome lower voice after his growth spurt. if that, um, ever happens. Ryutarou talking about how much he loves his hamster!! OH GOD. SUGOKU KAWAI.

IS THAT. OH GOD. IT IS. THAT IS TOTALLY SHOON/SANADA/HASSHI SINGING WEEEEK. ASKDGJHKSGJAKGAJKAJHGAHKJA. Okay, seriously, please stop toying with me. Who's that kid behind Hasshi, cause he's adorable too.

The group doing Feel It was totally hot too, whoever they all were. Especially that kid down there. Who is that? Are a lot of these guys the dancers who will be MADE? I hope so, cause they look totally hot in a group like that.

The next group = also adorable. Way to wrangle, Taiga. And the Venus group was a lot of fun too! Call my crazy, but it seems to be that T&T's choreography is created to make juniors look like they are having the most flailing fun ever.

They keep putting Shoon/Hasshi/Sanada all together! Stop it! You're giving me false hope! just like that Reon/Hasshi/Sanada picnic article in the Potato. WHY MUST YOU TOY WITH ME.

Ookawa was totally rocking Dangan Liner. Some other people were in it too, but they aren't my favorites. Lol, they are all cute! I feel like this new batch of juniors is showing a ridiculous amount of talent!

I really like Yara. I wish somebody would dress/style/stop him better, but I like him. and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't nearly pee myself at that second cap there, especially given what the other definition of "genki" is. "Oh, he's TOTALLY genki, dane."

I also really adore what a crisp dancer Yara is, which I obviously couldn't cap. Much like when he was on with ABC a couple months ago, I think he gets the people who dance with him to look way better than they usually do, and for that reason alone I would watch him all the time. I mean, face it, Shokura is not generally a bastion of awesome pop n lockin', but Yara's working on that. C=Normal looks totally hot.

The game is hysterical as always. "DON'T SAY THANK GOODNESS, KAWAI-KUN." Also, Awww, Sanada! good job for your first time! I think the best part about these games is the crap they make up for prompts. "SERIOUSLY. WHERE IS MY PUDDING."

Now really, could this whole pairing thing just be any cuter. I ASK YOU. YABAI. Also, am I crazy, or does Kawai start talking about Goseki? I am just loving all the Shoon attention, even though I know it's mostly cause of his play. GANBATTE, SHOON.

I continue to love Beautiful Mind like crazy, and I really am rooting for Question? to debut someday so that I can have a studio version of this song if nothing else.

Jr ni Q = incomprehensible to me as always. But Hasshi seems to feel it's necessary to gesture with his froofy scarf. SHINTAROU IS ALWAYS GENKI, YO.

Um, and then two people i don't recognize read some letters to each other (ETA: musikologie reports that they are Fukushi and Kosaka). But I will note that whenever they say 'present' i think they're saying 'prison' at first. It changes things a bit.

Surprise Kitayama solo! And it's ridiculously hot as always! to say nothing of Fujigaya's. Jesus, those two rock me so hardcore.

OH! I see what they're doing! I repeat, I would totally be okay with this matchup. I think they complement each other really well both vocally and physically. They seem to get along really well, and they are hilarious together. (of course the fact that I like it means none of you should get at all attached to the idea).

I totally despise this ender, though. Ugh. Even though there is more adorable Taipi action and even some Shoon! yay awful blue outfit!

And that's all I have to say about this week! Not the most exciting shokura ever, but cute and full of my favorites! And that's all I can ever really ask.
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