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Ashita kara mata Ichi Getsu Ka

Knight's Tale is on the TV, right at the beginning where they play We Will Rock You.

my mother, very seriously, reports: "There is no way they sang this song in those days."

In other news, everything seems, musically at last, to be awesome in the universe right now. I bought the Cab's album, which I adore, I just watched the KAT-TUN pv, which is hotter than the burning sun, and listened to NewS's single for the first time, which I adore every single track of. Also, Summary news: it's apparently going to be East vs West, the kansai jrs vs tokyo jrs, and I want so badly to see this but it's not until august after we're back D: D: D: D: D: D:

Good job Japan! America, maybe you should try to stop sucking half as much.

I'm around, I'm just really tired, and really really in need of the school year ending. But, I will see musikologie again tomorrow! She's coming up for dinner and to watch RAIIIIIIIIIIIIN. And i'm sure we'll do other dorky things as well.

I'll try just to keep thinking of that. Also, I'm at the point in the Japanese book where it's teaching me days of the week kanji! 今日は木曜日です〜 although I know them all from Weeeek, so. XD

ETA: I swear to god, I have changed the day twice and it's not because I didn't learn the kanji right, it's because i have no idea what day of the week it is. THURSDAY. IT'S THURSDAY RIGHT?
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