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A Definitely Feeling of 「Arigato~u, Okaasan」

Ohaiyo, minna genki desuka? It is early in the day yet, but MousaPi has been busy all morning It's because MousaPi fell asleep early while watching One Piece last night, and woke up feeling 「aah~ slept well

First MousaPi went to the gym! MousaPi has not been faithful about the gym recently, but doing it more regularly, now MousaPi can feel the weight decreasing and the strength increasing

Speaking of being healthy, this morning MousaPi also decided 「Yosh! Yogurt is definitely something MousaPi should enjoy eating It sounds good when you say it like that...but the truth is...YOGURT IS MOUSAPI'S ETERNAL RIVAL.

It looks good...especially with fruit in ...but as soon as the spoon touches MousaPi's mouth...MUZUI DAME YO. Starting this morning, MousaPi ate yogurt anyhow, vowing to work hard and improve her taste buds too GANBATTE TASTE BUDS. BELIEVE.

But now MousaPi must run, because it is Okaasan Day MousaPi is very thankful for Mousemama , who still takes care of MousaPi even though MousaPi lives on her own, and often calls to make sure MousaPi is taking care of herself properly .

Okaasans are definitely amazing, ne? Minna, today let's all show our appreciation
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