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Shokura 2008.05.11 Thoughts and Caps

It's that time again. This time with even more Tottsu/Kitayama/Kawai/Fujigaya action (somebody PLEASE STOP ME from wanting this unit so hard).

I tried SO HARD to post this last night! But it wouldn't go! So here you finally are. As always, feel free to use the caps for anything you like.

Shokura 2008.05.11 Thoughts and Caps

Awww, Tottsu is an adorable announcer! I really liked this intro, because it was totally interesting.

I continue to be madly in love with Shoon in the red suit being a fake member of ABC. Seems like they picked a new guy to take Kamei's proto-place, Nozawa Yuki (beth says). Also of note are the red guys and the blue guys, otherwise known as Shintarou's proto-unit and Ookawa's proto-unit respectively.

did anybody else laugh when Tottsu just says "ANDERSON." Also, the only person who doesn't get introed? Poor Tottsu himself.

Kitayama's dance WHAT THE HELL. But, I want this unit like you would not believe. I WANT IT. YES. It isn't like JE isn't going to break our hearts anyway, guys! Let's at least get the combo of people which is hot like the burning fire. WHO IS WITH ME?

Who on earth is getting Nakamaru those sweaters? I have a bad feeling the answer is Nakamaru himself, and perhaps he is taking this whole academic thing too far.

Ookawa's group sounds good, but they all look sort of tiny and dorky, lol. TOTTSU. SINGING SAYENDOU. god, I thought that was amazing. Has he always been able to sing like that? And Fujigaya's chunk of the medley = also hilarious. This is totally the best medley ever. JESUS KITAYAMA KIZUNA. BREAK MY HEART, YO. When did they all grow up and get so awesome like this?!! And Kawai can always be counted on for the faithfully rendered senpai dance. ♥

But let me show you the exact moment when my heart burst into tiny little pieces:

YES YOU DO SHOON. AND BY FRIEND I MEAN UNIT. Join ABC! You already have the suit! It would be a shame to waste it! D: D: D: But in all seriousness, this was an awesome medley, the best I've seen in ages.

This Sho kid is the tiniest jr ever, seriously. And how cute is it that Taiga and that other kid name each other as their best friends? Even Koyama is like "KAWAII NA."

This Hasshi/Sanada/Nozawa thing is totally working for me. Not that Hasshi has done anything in like six months that HASN'T worked for me. GOD HE'S SO CUTE. baby jin ;_; you have stolen my dignity (but i have it on authority that in person Hasshi is ridiculously hot). GENKAI DA!!!!!

To be totally honest, I am not sure what bugs me exactly about Camu Cade, but he always irritates me. Kousaka's kind of growing on me, but good lord, who told that violin kid to sing? BAD CALL YO. Just play, sweetie, you're cute enough. Yikes.

this whole Julia thing is a totally odd combination, and what in the world is going on with those purple suits? I'm gonna have to say no to this whole thing.

I have to admit that I was totally excited for this game ever since I saw the title. TELEPATHY BATTLE. And I do indeed love when they pick on Koyama XD But I had trouble following what was going on. although I did get that they asked what kind of animal Nakamaru is like? And Shoon has been randomly hilarious lately.

The gesture battle had me cracking up, though, especially Kawai's irritated mail-sending face when his idiot team couldn't guess it. Also, Taipi's KAMENASHI-KUN impression killed me, if only because his team guessed it immediately.

Kansai jrs! Aww, I have no idea who any of you are, but the charm point discussions are always adorable. Pointy ears! And whoever is yelling "KAWAIIIII" in the background at the dimple kid is totally my favorite. These kids seem like a fun bunch, they're all rowdy and poking fun at each other. Too bad the Kansai show airs at like 1 am or something so nobody ever uploads it.

But jesus, this segment lasts forever. 7 minutes of jr ni q = way too long.

Awww, Koyama talking about Shige being his best friend, and then bringing up Pi too. Kawaii na~

Yamada's setup is kind of odd, but I love his low voice, and I like this solo a lot better than Perfume. He's gonna turn out like a little Tegoshi, damn him. And am I crazy or is Chinen's voice dropping? I have my fingers crossed for him to survive his voice change, because it's going to be quite a shock.

Hey! Say! Post is all well and good, but it ain't no White Goat Black Goat if you see what I'm saying. Yuto seems rather unaware that Okamoto is entranced by the back of his neck. PS, somebody else sounds like their voice is dropping as well, and is losing the babyfat out of their cheeks~ I personally think that Ryutarou is the one we should all beware of. IT'S ALWAYS THE QUIET ONES.

So they're talking about nicknames I think? And whatever story Okamoto is telling, Yuto is like "STOP STOP!" and then when Okamoto continues, giggling at Yuto's pain, Yuto turns to beat his head against the set. OKAMOTO IS MY FAVORITE. Yutarin~

Casey Anderson's random English rap totally makes me giggle, and also, somehow I got totally attached to Taiga? How puzzling. They are so the new Ya-Ya-yah. Sigh, my heart. Is this a new song? Do these guys have their own full-length song? FOR CHRISSAKE GIVE THE UNIT A NAME.

Best Friend totally makes me wibble, by the way. and in case that wasn't enough, HAVE HASSHI BEING SOULFUL.


Heart. cannot. take it. ow.

Really, in all seriousness, I do not see the goal of not even having just temp groups. the MADE announcement went through forever ago, and still nothing on Shokura, even though it's almost certainly a temp unit. Ah well, maybe it's for the best. The longer we go without units, the less attached I'll be when those eventual units get broken up by debuts.

I'll just keep telling myself that. Meanwhile, by the time there is new Shounen Clubs next month, I'll be almost done with school! WOOHOO!!
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