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Title: It's Only a Line (If It Gets Bought) [Racer X/Taejo Togokhan]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for intra-team bonding and leather.
Summary: Taejo thinks they make a great team, after all.
AN: OKAY I WROTE SPEED RACER PORN. SUE ME. it's all musikologie's fault with her RAIIIIIIIIN flail. Um, I'm not sure who will care about this, but SPOILERS FOR SPEED RACER. obvs.

It's Only a Line (If It Gets Bought)

As soon as he heard the door close behind Speed Racer, Racer X doubled back, intending to track Taejo down and make sure he didn't do anything stupid that would endanger the team.

He didn't have to go far; Taejo hadn't left the room, and was leaning against the banquet table, which was still in shambles from his temper tantrum. But unlike X had expected, Taejo's anger seemed to have cooled. He regarded X evenly, arms crossed, mouth thin but thoughtful.

"I would not have figured it out if I had not seen it with my own eyes," Taejo said at length, a touch of a smirk appearing at the corner of his mouth. "But you really are his brother, aren't you? The great and infamous Rex Racer."

X smiled back. It was a shock to hear the accusation so bluntly, but it certainly wasn't harder than having to look Speed in the eye, even with the protection of the shades. "It would be fitting wouldn't it? Very sentimental, but sadly untrue. I don't have a family."

"Oh, do not feed me that crap." Taejo flicked a hand dismissively. "The idiots in the media might believe whatever you tell them, but I have seen you drive and that is one thing you cannot hide as easily as your face. But I will tell you what really gave you away: you stopped my punch."

"He's a kid," X shrugged, voice flat from years of practice. "We need him."

"No, it's more than that. You have seen me do much worse and have never lifted a finger to spare anyone before. I have a sister, I understand how it is to protect someone without thinking. But you may want to work on suppressing that instinct if you want to keep your identity secret for the rest of this race."

"Where do you think you're going?" X demanded as Taejo turned away and began sauntering towards the door.

"To bed, obviously." Taejo looked back over his shoulder, his soft accent rolling the words in a way that made X narrow his eyes. "We have a race tomorrow in case you have forgotten. And anyway, shouldn't you be getting back to that pretty little girlfriend of yours, just like your brother went running back to his?"

"And just where is your pretty little girlfriend?" X inquired, ignoring the obvious part of the dig. "I can't imagine the heir to Togokhan Motors has a hard time finding someone to warm his bed."

"Finding someone, no." Taejo's smirk reappeared before he turned away again and continued his saunter out the door. "Finding someone who can be trusted is another story."

And just like that, Racer X found himself trailing Taejo to his room, unsure exactly what he was doing, but the look Taejo gave him when he caught up said that he, at least, wasn't surprised.

A CIB guard was already stationed at Taejo's door, but X blinked when Taejo growled softly under his breath before stomping up to him.

"I can take care of myself!" he snapped, sliding his hotel card through the door's lock viciously. "Why don't you go protect my sister if you wish to do something useful!"

X laid a hand on Taejo's shoulder, making Taejo turn to snarl something at him as well, but X gave a little shake of his head. Taejo merely grumbled a smooth string of syllables before pushing his door open, leaving X alone with the guard.

"There are concerns for Miss Togokhan's safety," he told the guard, suppressing a smile at how even the CIB's own agents shifted uncomfortably when he gave them the soulless gaze his shades afforded him. "I'll stay with Mr. Togokhan until another agent can take your place."

"Very smooth," Taejo commented when X entered the room and shut the door behind him, the guard sent on his way. He was stripping off his racing leathers, and X didn't bother to pretend he wasn't admiring the strong curve of Taejo's shoulders as the jacket revealed them. Taejo seemed to be all slim muscle, arms and back honed smooth by martial arts and race training.

Although he played the part of spoiled heir well, the only frivolous part of Taejo's body, X was forced to admit, was the red streaks his hair was shot through with. And even they certainly seemed to be serving their purpose as Taejo paused with his hands at his belt to look over his shoulder, the glow of the room's lamps catching on them the same as it was catching on the gold of his skin.

"Well?" he asked, tilting his head. "I don't think you'll be finding out what it takes to warm my bed like that."

Without thinking, X reached up to the catch of his zipper at the back of his neck, then paused, frowning.

"Don't worry." Taejo gave a laugh that sent a line of goosebumps down X's arms. "If it's your secret identity you are worried about, you can keep the mask on. Obviously," Taejo brushed a hand over the red dragon curling over his thigh, "I enjoy the smell of leather."

Without hesitation, X unhooked the straps that held his mask in place and tugged it off, skin prickling in the cool desert air after being covered for so long. He hoped the fact that he was squinting against the sudden glare of the lights wasn't subtracting much from his badass image. "I might worry. If I were Rex Racer."

"So you changed your face." Taejo shrugged, a liquid roll of his shoulders that somehow sent the rest of his racing leathers to the floor. "That is not much harder than hiding it. So," Taejo ran an eye up the line of X's body, "are you coming? Or did you want to find that pretty little girlfriend after all?"

"I thought that's what I was doing," X commented mildly while he reached behind his back to yank down the first zipper he could reach.

"We'll see about that," Taejo chuckled, and when X looked up from stripping off his own leathers, he found Taejo already sprawled across his bed, naked and expectant.

A second later, X joined him on the silk sheets, momentarily distracted by the sheer decadence of the fabric and the soft mattress. "The beds in Casa Christo are almost worth dying for," he groaned appreciatively.

"You would know," Taejo shrugged, but cut off X's reply by rolling over to kiss him roughly.

It was an effective strategy, so far as X was concerned, Taejo's body firm and sleek where it rolled against his, Taejo's mouth tasting of exotic spices from the local cuisine and a sharpness that X had never tasted before even in Casa Christo.

Taejo didn't waste a lot of time, either, and X jerked his ahead away to gasp for air when Taejo's hand was suddenly wrapped around his cock, steering wheel calluses dragging along the sensitive skin. "In a hurry?"

Taejo's laugh brushed warm over X's ear at close range, making his hips jerk. "Don't try to tell me you don't have an intimate obsession with speed, Racer."

X growled, pretending it was at Taejo's purposeful use of the ambiguous name rather than the way his accent shaped its sound into a soft curl, and shoved at Taejo's shoulders. But rather than knocking Taejo over onto his back like X had intended, Taejo didn't budge, his compact frame working to his advantage by concentrating his strength, all focused on keeping X on his back.

"Not an equal opportunity lover?" X let his shoulders relax, sinking into the bed more deeply. "I wondered exactly how someone so concerned with his family's honor justified this sort of thing."

"I have my pride after all." X caught a flash of Taejo's smirk before Taejo crushed their mouths back together, grip tightening and making X arch. "But I am surprised that you would let another driver take the lead so easily."

"It's your team," X shrugged one shoulder, letting his eyes fall shut and pushing up into Taejo's hand. "I like letting someone else do all the hard work…"

He cracked one eye back open to see Taejo's sudden frown, then gave a groan that was half laugh as Taejo caught him looking and squeezed him just this side of painfully tight. Then Taejo let him go all at once, sliding off him to grab for his bag, laying on the floor beside the bed. X had barely rolled up onto his side to see what was going on before Taejo was back, holding an unmarked tube and a strip of foil that made X chuckle to himself about the Togokhan family honor after all.

"Still no objection?" Taejo asked as he popped the cap of the tube and slicked his fingers, but his tone suggested that he wasn't particularly interested in any protests that X might have had.

"Still going to do all the hard work?" X inquired, bending his knee in invitation and he laughed again as Taejo's scowl returned. The laugh turned into a hiss as Taejo slid the first finger in a rough push, then started working in a second without waiting for any encouragement from X.

Always up to a challenge, X gritted his teeth and pushed back against Taejo's hand, then smiled condescendingly and commented on how pretty Taejo's hair was in the candlelight, making Taejo narrow his eyes and twist his wrist viciously.

He wasn't quite ready when Taejo slid in, but the burn of it just made his nerves spark, made him grab at the curve of Taejo's ass hard enough to bruise. Taejo grunted and snapped his hips, burying him the rest of the way inside X, and they both paused, panting and glaring at each other, for a second before Taejo picked up a punishing rhythm, hooking an arm under one of X's knees to yank him up into a better position.

X shifted just enough to get Taejo into the right spot, or close enough, and let go of his ass with one hand to wrap around his cock, jerking himself off fast and out of rhythm.

"You racing me?" Taejo demanded, voice rough.

"What else?" X answered, tilting his head back into the give of the mattress, baring his throat. He felt the mattress shift as Taejo put down a hand for better leverage before driving in even deeper, and X laughed wildly as he met Taejo thrust for thrust, wrapping the leg that wasn't hung over Taejo's elbow around his waist and sinking his fingers even more deeply into Taejo's ass.

The rest was a blur of curses and rough hands, of Taejo bending to bite at X's collarbone and X kicking one of Taejo's knees out, of both of them coming in a shuddering, tangled heap, and then rolling apart with an abruptness that made them both groan painfully.

"So," Taejo asked when they were sprawled next to each other, both still panting for air, "who won?"

"Photo finish," X laughed in between his own gasps, thinking that nights in Casa Christo were never disappointing. "But as the underdog, if we tied I still win the line."

Taejo rolled his eyes, a habit that X had never realized was multicultural, then rolled over on his stomach, face turned away. "Get out of my bed."

X stood and stretched, taking his time about getting dressed and getting a good look at the golden sprawl of Taejo's limbs, smirking to himself because given the bruises rising in four parallel stripes across Taejo's ass, X wouldn't be the only one sitting uncomfortably in his car tomorrow.

He was smirking even harder hours later, everyone else gone back to bed and a thoroughly-drugged Taejo glaring up at him from the couch.

"Stop," Taejo grunted with obvious effort, "laughing."

"It isn't funny at all," X agreed cheerfully as he bent to haul one of Taejo's arms around his shoulders and dragged him into a standing position so that they could limp their way back over to Taejo's bed. The dozen steps that X had seen Taejo saunter across so gracefully earlier in the night were now positively painful, but in the end he got to see Taejo sprawled over the silk sheets for a second time, and that was more than he'd expected in a single night. "So you can take care of yourself, hm?"

Taejo just glared. "Get. Out."

"And miss the chance to zip you into that pretty little dress tomorrow?" X grinned harder. "No chance."

Taejo growled, low and long, but X ignored him in favor of leaning over, just a touch stiffly, and picking up the unmarked tube that happened to be laying on the floor next to the bed. When he straightened up, Taejo's eyes widened for a second before his whole face darkened into a thunderstorm snarl.

"I hope that sweet little sister of yours didn't notice this," X commented with a raised eyebrow, and there was the slick noise of Taejo trying to shove himself up and failing miserably.

"What." Taejo tried to shift away as X crawled up onto the bed, but it would have been useless even without slick sheets and the give of the mattress. "Do. You. Think. You're."

"Doing?" X's grin grew sharp as he nudged Taejo's knees apart with next to no resistance. "Take a guess. But this time I guess I'll be doing all the hard work, won't I?"

He'd pay for it tomorrow, X knew. But X had learned years ago in Casa Christo you took the win you got, and enjoyed the ride while you were at it.

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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