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I'm Your Double S

Some reasons you should all get into SS501 (say "double ess five oh one")

1. Because I can't possibly teach myself five Koreans! Somebody else needs to know them and then teach me!

2. Because their new single is really catchy, plus the video features the boys failing with every single girl ever. Hot tutor! As the bartender! actually in the girl's bed! How can you possibly fail there IDK BUT DOUBLE S DOES.

3. Because the most adorable one of all is Leader-sshi, and the spiky-haired one with the car is the baby! REVERSI FTW.

4. Because they all came back from their little hiatus a billion times hotter than when I bought their album in Japan last year.

Pouting! Awww!

The hot tutor scenario is my favorite! i love the little self-ganbatte!


How can you make the koreans hotter? make them spies! Spies full of fail!!

Is there any adorable hand gesture this man doesn't make?!

Dude, who are these girls that they are resisting this?


BECAUSE I WOULD RIDE THAT LIKE A CAR. or something else equally rideable.


and when I say that SS501 fails to pick up girls...

Honestly, you can really resist this? Are these people human?!

Also there is awesome dancing.


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