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Skin is For Weenies

I built bookcases! And cleaned! and holy hell how did it get to be 7 pm?! perhaps that is why I am now totally exhausted.

I built one of those 9x9 cube thingers (actually it's the one that goes 3x2x1, but you know what i mean), and although it looks cool? it was a royal bitch to put together and I'm not sure I'd buy one again. The one set of screws was so impossible to screw in that I stripped a patch of skin the size of a dime off my middle finger (OW X|) and the directions were just awful.

Rips are up for Beam of Light and Queen of Pirates, but I am resisting! I will not succumb! I want my dvds in my hands, yo.

and now i really want to write something, but instead I will read the new installment of In His Care *indulges*
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