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Title: Perks of the Beautification Committee [Senga/Nikaido/Yokoo]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for aforementioned perks.
Summary: Senga and Nikaido just cannot be trusted.
AN: For snowqueenofhoth, because she cannot handle the angsty fic.

Perks of the Beautification Committee

Nikaido thought it was a really great idea to shake up Senga's soda can before handing it over.

Senga thought it was an even better idea to do it back, especially since Nikaido's soda was grape and he was wearing all white for this photoshoot.

Yokoo disagreed.

"What on earth is WRONG WITH YOU?" he demanded when he stormed in the door and found an orange-dripping Senga trying to beat a purple-drenched Nikaido's head into the floor.

They both stopped, as if suddenly realizing what they were doing. Senga looked sheepish; Nikaido just snickered and pinched Senga's thigh.

"Sorry, Wataru," Senga apologized, bouncing his weight so that he landed hard on Nikaido's stomach and knocked the wind out of him with a grunt.

"I just cleaned up this dressing room this morning!" Yokoo snapped in exasperation, looking around at the puddles of soda on the floor and hoping that none of it had made its way into Kitayama's bag.

"Aww, we'll help clean it up!" Senga offered, climbing up off Nikaido. Nikaido snorted, and Senga gave him a sharp kick in the side. "Won't we, Nika?"

"Yeah." Nikaido grunted, getting up himself and rubbing his ribs. "Sure. Great."

It took the three of them fifteen minutes or so to mop up the mess with bunches of paper towels Senga retrieved from the bathroom, but it went a lot faster after Yokoo threatened to pour another whole can in Leader's bag and tell him Nikaido had done it.

"Jerk," Nikaido grumbled as he crawled around under the table to get the last puddle. "I should at least get the satisfaction of actually DOING it."

"There!" Senga said in satisfaction as he tossed the last paper towel in the trash can and looked around. "Finished!"

"And let's keep it that way, this time," Yokoo said, a note of warning in his voice. "Because you've already been told about horsing around in here after your shots are finished."

He blinked when he found himself staring at Senga's biggest, saddest eyes. "Ne, aren't going to tell on us, are you?"

"You're covered in orange and purple soda," Yokoo pointed out, squinting against the glare of Senga's cute. "I don't think I have to..."

He took a step back and bumped into something warm and a touch sticky.

"Nobody really has to know," Nikaido breathed casually against Yokoo's ear. His arms snaked around Yokoo's waist, and the heat from his body seemed to double. "You can come up with something, I'm sure, senpai."

"You two..." Yokoo started, but his voice cut out when Senga slid his hands over Nikaido's from the other side, and ran them slow around Yokoo's sides in the other direction.

"We'll make it up to you," Senga offered, cute replaced with something darker and sneakier as he licked his lips and winked at Nikaido over Yokoo's shoulder.

Nikaido's laugh rumbled against Yokoo's back, and Senga's hands crept up under Yokoo's shirt, and Yokoo sighed and gave in, figuring that he at least ought to get something out of being the responsible member for once.

Maybe he could tell Kitayama that A.B.C. had done it.
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