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Shokura Caps and Thoughts 2008.06.01

Sorry this took so long D: I'll be doing last Sunday's next, then.

I find it interesting that they start the show with the same Kitayama/Fujigaya/Tottsu/Kawai grouping as from last month, before they reveal that, yes, everybody is back. I wonder how popular it was and what kind of mail/comments they got about it. PS PLEASE NAME HASSHI'S UNIT.

Is Ookawa's unit wearing old NEWS jumpers? Those are pretty heinous. But I really like the red ABC ones and the blue Kisumai ones, and if Shoon's white/blue thing doesn't thrill me, on the other hand it's by far not the worst thing he's worn recently.

Megane Koyama fills me with glee. He's not in any way the hottest member of JE or anything, but once in a while lately I can't myself thinking how pretty he's gotten over time, and I felt that way throughout this episode.

At the start of the medley, Ookawa again manhandles one of his bandmates. Awwwww. I wonder if it's the same one? Actually to be honest I can't even tell if it's Ookawa, lol. *squints* Shintarou's unit's two hangers-on seem to have solidified, and I think we can stop calling them a trio and start calling them...well, Shintarou's unit. NAMES. it broke my heart a little when their song involved "yah-yah-yah~"

Shoon + Kisumai = YES. This is kind of a running theme throughout June, that Shoon + any other group = YES. I love him like crazy. I wish he had a unit? But i love watching him get shuffled around and use different talents like this, especially since he comes out as the lead singer/leader usually.

Unrelatedly, Yume Monogatari is one of my favorite songs in the JE verse, and I think you can see why this particular performance upholds that standard well, particularly when Tottsu molests his innocent mic stand. (unintentionally hilarious Kawai facial cap)

have we already discussed what an awesome merge this would make, for debut or otherwise? BECAUSE I DO. Also, Tsuka's hair is pasted on yay.

It's rare for me to comment on Shokura stage pyrotechnic/explosions/etc, but i do enjoy when JE is totally honest with itself. Also, hi there Yasu! Someday i might enjoy you or your band, lol.

This talk, about how Hasshi's unit spends their time, made my brain melt for multiple reasons. 1) Megane Koyama. 2) HASSHI. YOU ARE A DORK. 3) Nozawa is CUTE AS A BUTTON OMG. seriously, where were they hiding him?! More on this later. Sanada is obviously going to be the leader/speaker for them, but it makes me laugh every time they intro hasshi and the audience goes "KYAAAAAAA". Here's how he spends his time, if you wanted to know. Hasshi really loves his tomodaichi, yo~

So. Much. Want. Christ. I have anecdotal evidence that live they are 239875235729 times as hot as this, although I can't quite believe that.

I feel kind of bad for Nakamaru doing Hey! Say! Post all by himself, but not bad enough to wish that HS was all back again. Although maybe I do just a little, if it would save Nakamaru from Yasu's random blathering.

I have no personal gripe with Yasu, his guitar-playing, or this song in general. I'm glad JE people can play instruments and do live sometimes, and it's a strong performance. I just wish they wouldn't do things like this on Shokura, because it doesn't utilize the stage, the audience, the hosts, or most of all the juniors, which is what Shokura is all about. Sing and dance with your kouhai! You can play your solo any other time on any other show.

The game is one of those where they have to guess the same answer as the guest (you'll notice Nika wasn't involved this time~ see Jr. ni Q for possible explanations why XD), and all the answers are various members of K8. My attention tends to wander during the talky games D: But Yasu talks too much. Kitayama seems to have a cruch on Ohkura-senpai! Kawai is speculative. Tottsu is randomly sexy.

I cannot explain in caps how hysterical Nakamaru bringing out this chibi-Koyama picture is (in revenge for Koyama's showing of his picture last month). KOYAMA SO FLUSTERED. CHIGAU YO. I want to hug him. But aww, look how far you've come, Kei-chan ♥

I really do love the Kitayama/Fujigaya duo, because they look good, they sound good, and they are totally too pretty, yo. Also I love Inori like burning. And the other five together for READY is fun too! Yay, solo line for Nika! He and Senga sound very compatible.

Singing, I mean. What did you think I was talking about? ^^;;;

I always feel like I shouldn't like Kis-Me-My-Mine as much as I totally do. It's so silly and dorky, but OMG FUN. And it's one of the only songs where I think the skating is totally warranted. Senga, adorable much? He looks like he's having the time of his life, but they all do during this song ♥

How funny is it that for the question "what would you do with a time machine" they make Nikaido apologize for the Tsubasa/Tackey incident from the game last month? I really do wonder why they didn't just edit it out, aside from the fact that it's the most hilarious (and obviously accurate) game answer ever.

The orange-suit kid is totally adorable in Jr. ni Q too (I totally know his name, I just can't think of it at this second). And finally, Kitayama talking about how he wishes he could go back and be a tiny awesome chibi jyannis like Shintarou is (because he joined so late) made my heart grow three sizes today.

Senga and Bun shove at each other during the Butoukan talk and don't pay any attention, which is why Yara abruptly tells Senga they've changed the dance (I think) to fluster him well-deservedly.

I like Now and Forever as a song, but I think it doesn't look very good, which puzzles me since they are all excellent dancers. Their new song on the 06.08 show is much, much better. I think it has to do with Yara instead of Tackey choreographing *whistles*

Bah, awful enders lately! I don't like when they are all melancholy at the end, it lowers my tension. Kisumai's white costumes are hot, though. Actually, everybody is. Shoon with random group! LOVE. Only please don't get my hopes up by having him hang around with Hasshi. We've talked about this.

That is just a disgusting amount of cute, jesus.

Hasshi gets so much damned airtime during these full group things. Haha, maybe he reminds Johnny of Jin just as much as he reminds me. Or also it might be that his voice is crazy awesome already. One of those.

Anyway, I'm moving onto the other June Shokura after a little break, so expect that up later! You know, I really need a Shokura icon.

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