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Shokura Thoughts and Caps 2008.06.08

At any rate, JE knows how to start a show. YOWZA.

ABC red/black leather HI THERE. SO MUCH YES. Also I do enjoy how a lot of the kansai/K8 songs are bouncy/silly/junior random dance, it's fun. LOL SHOON.

And then the Hasshi unit came out in black and red leather too and I lost all sense of reality. What was I doing here again?

This, by the way, was an awesome theme. Everybody was into it, the songs were good, the costumes were great, and also, Koyama is totally smoking in that random t-shirt.

Oosaka Obaachan Rock is flipping ADORABLE. tiny jrs everywhere! Obviously having a blast! But then: SHOON = BEST THING EVER. GOD THIS SONG. and 20 points to you if you understand why this Nikaido cap is fantastic (hint: kanji)

basically-Butoukan doing Daybreak was really cool. I do like them. HASSHI WHY SO HOT. SANADA WHY SO AWESOME. NOZAWA who in blue blazes taught you to sing like that?!! I'm sure you're sick of hearing me talk about these three, but srsly, them doing LIPS live sounds freaking better than KAT-TUN doing it on the actual album. And the album is in my car right now, so I know what i'm talking about.

Bun and Senga's letters are cute, mostly because Senga can't keep a straight face and doesn't know his own name.

Sweet Butterfly is an awesome song, and this is exactly what I'm talking about, because they look fifty times better than they did just last week. Awww, Senga/Tsuka. I didn't know that I wanted that until just now.

Yasu's solo this week much better, for reasons I stated last week, but also because it is really damn hot. Even in that horrible jacket. Senga/Nika backdancing and backsinging ftw.

I love games where they compete against each other to be huge girls, so this week surely did not disappoint. Also the return of Sanada, who is fun, and the intro of Nozawa! Who does really well his first time out! Kawai and Goseki compete to be the biggest girl (did i mention that already?) and Goseki gets molested by the guest (again). The best part is where Goseki muffs it utterly and just gives up and shimmies shameless, and then the camera cuts to Kawai PEEING HIMSELF WITH LAUGHTER.

Also, in the Miyata/Tamamori battle, Tamamori makes Yasu swoon and Miyata fails utterly ♥ And then they make Senga and Fujigaya dance like Yamapi. Senga fails (IKEMASU YO). Senga still wins. Fujigaya is INDIGNANT but his tantrum is cut from the aired episode, or so says snowqueenofhoth.

Question? doing MIHARI is really amazing. It's a beautiful song, and they both play and sing like they debuted half a decade ago, and oh, the only reason I don't want them to debut at all is that I won't get to watch them do this twice a month.

Kansai ni Q. WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE. They have cute accents! But, oh, Kansaiben, I do not understand you, yo.

I think i may have mentioned this before, but ABC IS HOT. Also, you'd think the WISH bit would get old, but no, no it doesn't. KAWAI LIKES PAIN, OKAY?



in all seriousness, Shelter is an awesome song, and I totally enjoy Nakamaru hanging out with ABC (WHO IS HOT, YO), and most of all i love how Nakamaru and Koyama play around with the jrs, who are only too happy to let their senpai-hosts hang out with them anytime they want.

It's so clear how much the jrs love Nakamaru and Koyama, and how much the two of them love to take care of the jrs in return. They are never allowed to leave, never ever.

Hi there random international jrs. I don't enjoy you. Shoo! But here is some things i enjoy more:

And that's it for June! Whew, I learned my lesson about skipping weeks, lol.

PS - you should all know that I have watched Hasshitachi's LIPS roughly two dozen times at this point. YABAI.
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