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Amazon and Ponies (No This Is Not About Gackt-chan)

Amazon is having a crazy DVD sale, for those of you who are interested. I personally snagged West Wing season 1 for $20 and South Park Season 3 for $16.

But I also noted Carnivale both seasons for $20, which is like a fourth of what it usually costs, and all the Adult Swim is on sale too, so you might want to check it out.

Random question: does anybody know anybody who is really into collecting old school my little pony paraphernalia? I have a big plastic ice cream parlor/shoe and a big plastic hair salon that I wish would go to a good home, and also that white parasol carriage thing with the blinky bluish baby. Price is negotiable because I'm hoping to find somebody reasonably local to Harrisburg rather than having to ship it somewhere for a million dollars because its so huge. I have pictures and all that, but I thought I'd give the flist a chance first before I hunted up a comm or a message board or an ebay.
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