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in case you've somehow missed this news, I haaaaate the phone. Especially when I have to talk to people I don't know, to make appointments or whatever thing. So I push all the things that involve the phone back and back until I have to make like ten phone calls in a row.

but the mail today brought news of felonious fallacious overdraft charges from the bank, so I had to call...well, everybody. and now i have an appointment for everything under the sun in the next week or so. Speaking of that, tomorrow i get new glasses, yay!

Also, I did a bunch of other minor online errands, and am now registered for Otakon! SO I'M REALLY GOING THIS YEAR, FOR SERIOUS.

ETA: is 'felonious' really not the word that means 'false or wrong'? What's the word that starts with an f but sounds like erroneous?
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