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Awesome Marklar I Have Accomplished Marklar

1) Installed Rikaichan (Lindsay, it makes me think of you) and adjusted hotkeys, with the help of musikologie

2) Watched up to One Piece 138 (I'm almost back to...where I started...yay?)

3) Fixed Adium's sounds AGAIN. maybe it will stick this time. Also I installed a noise for the group chat invite, so maybe now i'll know when one of those happens (Jemz).

4) Watched a bunch of South Park Season 3, which includes the Chinpokomon episode, and a lot more actual unsubbed Japanese than I recall. Lately it seems that everywhere I turn is unexpected Japanese that I am clearly not expected to understand but do ("ancient Chinese farmers called it 茶" "...that's because it IS tea!"). I think I ought to start watching Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi again.

5) Got a bunch of mysterious dancehall from longleggedgit. ROCK ON, YO.

6) This actually happened marklar, but it turns out if you have a disc that is super uber stuck in your mac, where the computer doesn't even think there IS a disc in, you can force-eject it by hard restarting with the trackpad button held down. who knew?
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