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Toma's Just Sick of Walking In On Them

In case you missed the other eleventy billion announcements, Ohno loves Nino. That's Ohno and Toma promoting Maou on Ousama no Brunch, which looks ridiculous hot, as does Toma (although I maintain that Ohno dying his hair black = doing it wrong).

The host asks Ohno who the guest is, and Ohno's response is "the person I really love."

Toma promptly cracks up, including an actual snort. Ohno, confused, asks, "What?" and Toma answers, "....nothing" and then laughs some more. And then they show a VTR which basically consists of Nino doing Ohno up against a wall. Best drama ever, or BEST DRAMA EVAR?

If JE ever hired somebody to oversee the outing of Ohmiya, it would be the easiest job in the whole world, because it would basically consist of just putting them on TV as usual. On the other hand, if there is a worst job in the whole world, it would be being the guy they hired to keep Ohmiya FROM being awesomely gay for each other.

It would be like a permanent punishment game.

ETA: WHAT. (scan from sourangel)
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