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PotC and RotK, etc

Almost time to go home for the break. feh. But I have PotC on DVD, so it can't be all bad, right? I was watching the deleted scenes; is the implication that Elizabeth taught Jack the pirate song?

Other than trying to convince Caitlyn and Colin of the Forbidden elf/dwarf love that permeates LotR, I have no one to squee with in person over RotK. I think I might see it again, which would be the first repeat theater veiwing of any LotR movie. Have begun reading Merry/Pippin. I think I might start writing it.

Speaking of Pippin, does anybody know where I might procure a certain mp3 of said hobbit from said movie? You know the one I mean. Not that I'm advocating digital piracy or anything (yo ho)...

fair warning: as the ibook does not usually internet connect at home without drama, there probably won't be much in the way of fic from me until I'm back at school in mid-Jan.
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